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The future of pharma lies in its ability to leverage data and make data-informed decisions. Collecting high-quality data without impacting scientists’ productivity is the first challenge. To tackle this challenge, LabTwin – the world’s first voice-powered digital lab assistant designed for scientists – enables hands-free data capture and exchange with informatics systems at the point of experimentation. This revolutionizes how scientists interact with their digital lab ecosystem and allows real-time data collection and immediate access to information from the bench while performing experiments.


Andre Heeg
BCG Digital Ventures, USA.
Andre Heeg is Managing Director & Partner at BCG Digital Ventures, a subsidiary of the Boston Consulting Group specializing in developing digital business models for corporations. Located at BCGDV Berlin, the medicine graduate and former maxillo-facial reconstructive surgeon contributed his extensive experience in the healthcare sector and the digitalization of traditionally analog industries. In his prior role as Chief Digital Officer and member of the management board at Sandoz, he was responsible for the pharmaceutical company’s digitization activities. Prior to this, he held various management positions, including at Thermondo (Germany's largest heating installation company, which uses digital process optimization) and the American start-up Zocdoc (an online platform that helps patients make medical appointments). Additionally, Andre has been a mentor for the renowned German Accelerator Program in New York since 2018.