About the session

We cover the full spectrum from discovery to clinical assay development, significantly accelerating your projects. With our expertise at your fingertips, you can access a wide breadth of technologies, chemistries and workflows globally recognized for quality. Optimal experimental design is ensured during pre-consultation by our expert scientific services team, backed by our track record of product and service development. To answer your biological question in the best possible way, our highly skilled design experts will tailor your qPCR, dPCR or next-generation sequencing assay to fit your specific needs. Furthermore, you will get the high-value insights you're looking for from the industry‘s most comprehensive and up-to-date knowledgebases.


Verena Schramm

Dr. Verena Schramm, Director, Digital and Genomics Services joined QIAGEN in 2016 as a Global Product Manager for NGS Library preparation products. Before taking over the product management team for Digital and Genomics Services, she managed the RNA sample preparation and Liquid Biopsy product portfolio.

Verena holds and M.Sc. in Molecular Biology and a PhD in Bioinformatics. During her PhD at EMBL Heidelberg she studied the impact of copy-number variation during the evolution of non-human primates using Next-Generation Sequencing. Before joining QIAGEN, Verena worked in Sales and Project Management roles in the area of clinical NGS data analysis.