About the session

Viral vectors used for gene and cell therapies have the potential to deliver life-saving treatments for millions of people. However, to realize this potential, vector manufacturing must reach scales far beyond what is possible today. This creates an urgent need for new manufacturing processes and emphasizes the importance of the analytical assays used to characterize the behavior of vectors in the manufacturing process and ultimately in vivo.

Join our panel of experts as they discuss:

  • How challenging is it to plan and build the future of viral vector manufacturing today?
  • What strategies willsolve the analytical bottleneck to meet future demand?
  • What are the tools driving iterative process refinements?
  • How different is the analytical toolkit for characterizing in vivo behavior of vectors?
  • How did QIAcuity impact planning/thinking? What doors opened by adopting a higher throughput digital PCR system, and what’s next?