About the session

Metastases are the primary cause of cancer death. Bone is a major site of metastasis in several cancers, with breast and prostate cancer being most affected. With no effective therapies available, bone metastases are currently incurable and a high unmet medical need. Only about 5% of cancer patients with bone metastases are alive 5 years after the diagnosis. OncoBone Therapeutics aims to develop novel therapies for bone metastasis utilizing a novel osteoimmuno-oncology (OIO) concept. OIO refers to interactions of cancer, bone and immune cells, three compartments important in regulating growth of bone metastases that should all be targeted when developing effective and safe therapies for bone metastases. In this presentation, we discuss the science behind our most advanced therapeutic asset and give insights to our future development goals.


Tiina Kähkönen
OncoBone Therapeutics Ltd
Tiina Kähkönen has a PhD in oncology studying breast cancer bone metastasis and related drug research. In OncoBone Therapeutics, her responsibilities include leading pipeline programs to provide safe and effective treatments for cancer patients with bone metastasis.