About the session

A journey through 40 years of PCR with a highlight on digital PCR.


Jim Huggett
Science Fellow at the National Measurement Laboratory (NML), UK
Dr. Huggett is a Science Fellow at the National Measurement Laboratory (NML, the UK's designated national measurement institute for chemical and bioanalytical measurement based at LGC) and visiting Professor and the University of Surrey. Following his PhD at Cardiff University he moves to UCL to work with Professor Alimuddin Zumla on the diagnosis of infectious diseases in the developing world. At UCL while working with scientists from several African nations he recognized that diagnostic standardization and ensuring test accuracy represented a major neglected barrier to wider uptake. In 2009 he moved to the NML to focus on this challenge where he oversees research into the accuracy of molecular diagnostics and genomic measurements. Much of his interests are focused on accuracy for molecular analysis, reference measurement systems for nucleic acid measurement and improving the accuracy of applied routine diagnosis.