End point PCR

End-point PCR

Complete your PCR with confidence​

Despite the fact that PCR amplification is routinely performed and that thousands of PCR protocols have been developed, researchers still encounter technical difficulties with PCR experiments and often fail to obtain specific amplification products. QIAGEN has specifically developed PCR and reverse transcription PCR products that address common challenges and provide optimal results – even on the first attempt. Read on and discover how to ensure confidence in your PCR.
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Optimal results, with minimal effort

PCR is a forgiving method: it usually just works with no special optimization. But sometimes it fails, or worse, gives sub-optimal results that go unnoticed but still impact the next experiments.

Using optimized PCR conditions increases the safety, performance and efficiency of your workflow. Perfecting these conditions requires a lot of time and resources, but our experts have already done it for you. QIAGEN’s pre-optimized PCR solutions simply work straight out of the box for your standard PCR applications.

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One protocol, any target

While PCR targets and procedures are becoming more diverse and high throughput, the method is increasingly used by novice researchers with limited experience or resources. The AllTaq Master Mix and PCR Core Kits are designed with a unique combination of features so that everyone can get their singleplex and duplex PCR jobs done correctly – the first time.

It doesn’t have to be complex

Multiplex PCR employs different primer pairs in the same reaction for simultaneous amplification of multiple targets. Multiplexing saves time and reagents when you’re performing a large number of PCRs, but successful results traditionally required extensive optimization. Annealing conditions and reaction component concentrations must be exactly right to ensure optimal hybridization of all primer pairs and efficient amplification of all targets, even those in low abundance.

QIAGEN’s multiplex PCR solutions are already optimized to overcome the challenges and eliminate the competitive effects in multiplexing. Most primer-template systems can be combined in a single reaction for simultaneous quantification of both low and high target amounts without further optimization.

Instant multiplex PCR success

The QIAGEN Multiplex PCR Kit includes unique multiplex PCR additives that promote efficient annealing and extension of specifically annealed primers over a wide range of PCR conditions. This eliminates the need for time-consuming optimization while ensuring outstanding sensitivity and specificity.

Instant Multiplex PCR success
Advance your multiplex expertise

We’ve already considered every aspect, so you don’t have to. Explore our interactive online tool and see how QIAGEN Multiplex PCR Kits are built for your multiplex PCR success.

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Long range without the long wait

The new UltraRun LongRange PCR Kit enables high-fidelity amplification of up to 30 kb with capacity for multiplexing up to 6 amplicons of 1–9 kb. The polymerase proofreader, along with QIAGEN’s renowned convenience and safety features, ensures correct results and an efficient PCR workflow – ideal for researchers performing long amplicon sequencing.

It’s what isn’t included that matters most

Standard PCR kits and reagents can introduce tiny amounts of contaminating nucleic acids into your experiments, jeopardizing results and conclusions. This is a serious issue with low biomass samples, in which only a few target molecules are available for amplification. Generic priming strategies, such as 16S amplification, worsen the problem because the amount of contaminating microbial DNA is higher in downstream analyses like NGS. Our specially-manufactured UltraClean Production (UCP) PCR Kits are nucleic acid-depleted to provide greater precision and reliable results in your microbiome and metagenomics research.

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QIAGEN OneStep Ahead RT-PCR Kit
Shortcut the workflow, not the performance

Multi-step procedures have more chances for something to go wrong. With the QIAGEN OneStep Ahead RT-PCR Kit, you can safely shortcut long RT-PCR workflows, reducing the risk of contamination, sample degradation or errors and saving time and money. Read about the Eight challenges to successful one-step RT-PCR and see how OneStep Ahead addresses each one to provide fast, easy and high-fidelity RT-PCR for any application, including virus detection, molecular diagnostics research or gene expression analysis.

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Quality results require a quality thermocycler

Ensure a smooth path to PCR success by combining our top-notch end-point PCR kits with the new QIAamplifier 96 thermocycler. Simplicity of approach, high performance and accurate temperature control are driving increased use of block-based end-point PCR cyclers for routine gene amplification needs.

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