cfDNA brochure

Successful biomarker profiling from cell-free DNA

From collection tube, transport, centrifugation and cfDNA isolation to quality control – each step can be optimized using this comprehensive Technical Guide. See how your analytical processes can accelerate your cancer research with Successful biomarker profiling from cell-free DNA.

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What you'll learn

  • How you can use cfDNA as biomarkers
  • What challenges you are likely to face and how you can overcome them
  • The importance of preanalytical handling
  • How to isolate cfDNA with reliable results
  • How you can integrate cfDNA analysis into a multiananalyte approach to get a more complete picture


  • Cell-free DNA as a biomarker
  • Biology of cfDNA
  • Challenges in cfDNA analysis
  • Preanalytical handling
  • cfDNA purification
  • cfDNA quality control
  • Multianalyte liquid biopsy
  • Method standardization
  • References and further reading