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Infectious Disease

Why choose digital PCR for molecular diagnostics?

Digital PCR (dPCR) is a powerful tool for clinical testing and diagnostics of infectious diseases due to its high precision and sensitivity in nucleic acid detection. Unlike traditional PCR methods, dPCR enables the absolute quantification of target DNA or RNA by partitioning a sample into thousands of individual reactions, each representing a minute volume. This method enhances the detection of low-abundance pathogens and provides accurate quantification even in the presence of inhibitors. Learn more about the advantages:

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Assays for pathogen detection and viral load monitoring

QIAGEN provides a broad portfolio of diagnostic assays for pathogen detection and viral load monitoring.

Complete validated workflows provide standardized and reliable solutions for routine testing. Automation with the QIAsymphony RGQ integrates automated sample preparation and assay setup with detection on the Rotor-Gene Q MDx to maximize your efficiency and optimize your workflows, from sample to result.
Choose the workflow below for the pathogen of interest.

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