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Infectious disease | MPX

Expanding access to mpox testing

The multi-country mpox (MPX) outbreak is an evolving global health threat. Case numbers and the number of countries impacted are on the rise. Response to the MPX outbreak requires coordinated action – surveillance, testing, contact tracing, isolation and care. 

As a leading developer of molecular technologies, we aim to make reliable and rapid testing solutions more accessible and affordable.
Laboratory test resources

We have built strong relationships with public health bodies, governments and non-governmental organizations by playing a pivotal role in previous public health crises.

Through these collaborations, we can provide support for developing protocols, and will continue to do so for MPX. Several of our sample prep and qPCR kits are referenced in current emergency protocols. They are included in the products highlighted below.

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Strengthen your MPX surveillance with NeuMoDx

NeuMoDx can help you ease the outbreak pressure as a fully automated powerhouse with a simple 3-step workflow. Strengthen your surveillance of the mpox (monkeypox) virus with the new NeuMoDx MPXV Test Strip or transfer your MPX self-developed assay to the NeuMoDx system.