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Cloning toolbox for CRISPR gene editing

Get your CRISPR workflow off to its best possible start with our proven cloning solutions.

Gene editing efficiency and accuracy depend on the quality of the CRISPR components, such as DNA (plasmid or virus), RNA (gRNA and Cas mRNA) and ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complex. Plasmids are widely used to construct and deliver CRISPR expression systems. 

As pioneers in plasmid DNA purification, we have developed technologies to reduce endotoxin levels and make plasmid DNA preparation more convenient than ever before. Discover how you can improve the success rate of your CRISPR transfections with our cloning solutions for endotoxin-free plasmid preparation, DNA cleanup and plasmid prep automation.

CRISPR-Cas outline illustration of a cell
CRISPR-Cas delivery.

Struggling with low transfection efficiencies in your CRISPR workflow? Endotoxins might be the culprit. Learn more about these contaminants in your CRISPR plasmid prep.

What are endotoxins?

Endotoxins are lipopolysaccharides (LPS) located in the outer membrane of gram-negative bacteria, and they are co-purified during plasmid preparation. In this short video, learn about endotoxin basics, their cytotoxic effects on human cells and how they affect the transfection of commonly used cell lines.

How do endotoxins influence transfection efficiency?

Watch this video to dive deeper into endotoxin contamination of plasmid DNA, its influence on transfection efficiency and ways to ensure successful transfection.

Minimize endotoxin contamination during CRISPR cloning
Choose the right kit for your specific workflow need.

As a time-tested molecular biology tool, plasmids continue to find new applications – the latest being in genome editing and cell and gene therapy. We've gleaned some useful resources to help you achieve the purity you need for your CRISPR workflow.

Get rid of primers, nucleotides, dyes, enzymes, mineral oil, agarose, salts and other impurities to obtain optimal results in your CRISPR workflow.

Optimized DNA cleanup

Watch our step-by-step visual protocol for DNA gel extraction and PCR purification using QIAquick kits.

An array of DNA cleanup kits
Bind, wash, elute – obtain high yields of highly concentrated DNA in three simple steps.

Want to further reduce uncertainties in your CRISPR workflow? Our nucleic acid extraction systems for automated plasmid DNA prep and DNA cleanup might be just what your lab needs.

Already have an automated system?
Our plasmid prep kits are also compatible with other automation platforms. Talk to us about your specific automation needs.
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