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Introducing QIAseq

Single cell analysis – uncover the full genome and transcriptome QIAseq • Targeted panels • Library prep • Single cell Analyzing biological samples on an individual • Achieve complete, uniform genome cell level uncovers hidden heterogeneity and coverage and sequence accuracy with enables new insights towards our understanding diverse NGS libraries – set yourself up to of cell types, cell function and the role of analyze aneuploidy and sub-chromosomal individual cells in normal or disordered copy number variations, or sequence development. variation analysis in single eukaryotic or Experience our QIAseq cell-to-library solutions offering a streamlined, PCR-free workflow for the study of complete genomes or transcriptomes from single cells: bacterial cells. • Gain confidence in your single cell RNA-seq data and reliably study differential gene expression with high transcript discovery rates for low-abundance RNA or RNA of varying lengths. Find out more at Quality control and verification – success and confidence in NGS NGS workflows are complex multistep procedures combin- ing enzymatic reactions – and often PCR amplification – to • The QIAxcel® Advanced capillary electrophoresis system simplifies and accelerates size distribution prepare DNA or RNA fragments of specific concentrations, analysis, concentration and molarity assessment; purities and lengths that are compatible with a particular comprehensive QC can be automated using objective sequencing platform. Each step of these complex workflows QC criteria to make sure libraries are of highest quality harbors risk for bias and experimental dropout. prior to sequencing. To ensure success throughout each NGS workflow step and bring confidence to your data, QIAGEN offers a comprehensive set of quality control methods for both your sample and your NGS findings: • The PyroMark® Pyrosequencing® system increases NGS data confidence by enabling verification and validation of sequencing results to detect false-positive variants and methylation results derived from the • The QIAxpert® spectrophotometer enables quick and accurate concentration measurements, while spectral content profiling provides a detailed insight into your sample’s composition by detecting potential complex NGS procedure. contaminants. Find out more at QIAseq NGS Brochure 04/2017 7

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