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Introducing QIAseq

For NGS applications with special sensitivity requirements – such as ultra-deep sequencing, very limited or heterogeneous sample materials – QIAGEN offers “UCP” (ultraclean production) kits for RNA and DNA extraction, yielding ultrapure and high-quality nucleic acids. QIAGEN UCP Sample Technologies Ultraclean nucleic acids from the most challenging samples QIAseq NGS Solutions High-quality target enrichment, library prep and single cell solutions The perfect match to achieve best-in-class NGS results Find the right product for your sample type using our sample extraction selection guides at • Food safety • Human ID • Development QIAseq – the most comprehensive application-based NGS portfolio • Plant biology • Microbiology • Evolution • Hereditary disease research • Oncology Metagenomics Microbiome Genomics Gene expression Epigenetics • Liquid biopsy • Stem cell research • Infectious disease QIAseq NGS Brochure 04/2017 3

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