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Introducing QIAseq

From Sample to Insight – let QIAGEN enhance your NGS-based research High-throughput next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies continue to provide a wealth of sequence information, resulting in significant advances and new discoveries in a wide range of research areas. To enhance your specific NGS-based research and help you achieve your goals, QIAGEN has developed the broadest portfolio of dedicated NGS target enrichment, library preparation and single cell solutions: the QIAseq product family! Streamlined, simple protocols Eliminate bias Uniform coverage Leverage the full power of NGS PCR-free workflows Smooth integration with QIAGEN workflows Easy to automate Accelerate your NGS performance with QIAseq QIAseq NGS solutions are the perfect match to QIAGEN’s gold standard sample technologies The success of any NGS experiment is highly dependent on the upstream sample collection and nucleic acid extraction methods. QIAGEN, as the leading provider of sample technologies, offers a variety of NGS-grade sample preparation solutions that maximize yields of high-quality nucleic acids from virtually any sample type. QIAGEN instrumentation, including QIAcube® and QIAsymphony®, helps you start your NGS experiments on the right foot – offering platforms that fit your sample throughput for reliable and reproducible nucleic acid isolation. 2 QIAseq NGS Brochure 04/2017

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