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Introducing QIAseq

QIAseq • Targeted panels • Library prep • Single cell Targeted gene panels – superior variant detection through digital NGS Enriching nucleic acids for specific genes of • Leverage digital NGS through unique interest in targeted panels presents a cost- molecular indices (UMIs) to detect effective way to democratize NGS while low-frequency variants with unmatched keeping the complexity of data analysis and confidence and significantly reduce false interpretation at a manageable level. positives. QIAseq targeted panels combine the advantages of target enrichment with advanced technical solutions to overcome biases: • Avoid issues of PCR duplicates and library bias through single primer extension. • Interrogate disease genes, quantify gene expression and detect known or novel fusion genes. Discover our complete digital NGS solutions at QIAseq • Targeted panels • Library prep • Single cell Whole genome, exome and transcriptome research – make exciting new discoveries from any sample Genome- and transcriptome-wide sequencing from a sample paves the way for new research • Dedicated library preparation solutions for any sample type – including whole blood, findings and requires no prior knowledge tissue, FFPE, liquid biopsy, metagenomics of known disease-causing genes – allowing and ancient DNA or ultra-low sample for unbiased, hypothesis-free study of nucleic amounts. acids. Overcome common sources of bias in GC content and coverage. Maximize confidence in your sequencing results with QIAseq NGS library preparation products: • High conversion rates, from sample to library, that maintain and capture the original complexity in your biological sample. • Complete coverage to interrogate the genome or transcriptome without bias or sequencing gaps – enabling you to create exciting new insights. Find out which QIAseq library prep solution fits your specific needs at 6 QIAseq NGS Brochure 04/2017

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