QIAcuity mericon Food Testing Kits

For digital PCR authentication of food and animal feed using QIAcuity


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QIAcuity mericon Sheep Kit

Cat. No. / ID:  250290

mericon PCR Assay Sheep with integrated Internal Control, Positive Control DNA QIAcuity Probe PCR Kit 
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QIAcuity mericon Sheep Kit
QIAcuity mericon Chicken Kit
QIAcuity mericon Cattle Kit
QIAcuity mericon Pig Kit
QIAcuity mericon Food Testing Kits are intended for molecular biology applications in food, animal feed, and pharmaceutical product testing. These products are not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.

✓ 24/7 automatic processing of online orders

✓ Knowledgeable and professional Product & Technical Support

✓ Fast and reliable (re)-ordering


  • Highly sensitive and specific authentication of ingredients using digital PCR
  • Single, streamlined protocol for all targets
  • Dedicated mericon DNA isolation kit available

Product Details

QIAcuity mericon Food Testing Kits are a suite of kits for target-specific authentication of food and animal feed ingredients. The kits are also suitable for analysis of certain pharmaceutical product components of animal and plant origin. All of the kits use the same digital PCR-based protocol. The kits are part of the comprehensive QIAGEN food safety testing portfolio, which also includes dedicated sample preparation kits, as well as assays for detecting pathogen DNA. 

The kit is compatible with the QIAcuity Digital PCR System and the QIAcuity Nanoplates.
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QIAcuity mericon Food Testing Kits have already been thoroughly tested for specificity and cross-reactivity using qPCR. Now, this established technology has been brought to the QIAcuity platform to benefit from the unrivaled robustness, sensitivity and precision of digital PCR. All mericon MeatTracker Assays can detect as few as 10 copies of the target DNA in a single reaction.


You can authenticate ingredients in food testing by using digital PCR to amplify a specific region of the relevant target genome. Target-specific fluorescent probes bind to the amplified product to detect it. By detecting the target DNA, you confirm ingredient authenticity or prevent food fraud, ethical issues or health concerns.

QIAcuity mericon Food Testing Kits include an internal control to identify potential inhibition. This aids in the straightforward interpretation of the results (see the table "Summary of possible PCR outcomes").


Internal control amplified Tested DNA amplified Meaning
+ + Sample is positive for the target DNA
+ Sample is negative for the target DNA
PCR failed (e.g., due to inhibition)


The principle of the dPCR reaction in the nanoplates is described here.



DNA is extracted from a food or animal feed sample using a dedicated sample preparation kit. The DNeasy mericon Food Kit is suitable for a whole range of food matrices, including those with high inhibitor content.

The isolated, pure DNA is assayed using a streamlined digital PCR protocol on the QIAcuity Digital PCR System. 


QIAcuity mericon food testing assays for dPCR-based detection of DNA segments from specific animal or plant material in food, animal feed and pharmaceutical products.

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Can I use the mericon qPCR Kit on the QIAcuity?
No. While the mericon assay designs remain the same, the QIAcuity platform requires an entirely different PCR chemistry. The Multiplex PCR Master Mix used in the mericon MeatTracker Kit for qPCR will not work on the QIAcuity platform.
FAQ ID - 4017
Can I detect DNA from animals other than cow, sheep, chicken, and pig with the mericon kits for QIAcuity?
No. Only DNA from these four animals can be detected with the mericon kits for QIAcuity.
FAQ ID - 4018
How many reactions can I run with the mericon kits for QIAcuity?
You can run 96 reactions in 8.5k Nanoplates and 28 reactions in 26k Nanoplates.
FAQ ID - 4019