#MagAttract PowerWater DNA/RNA Kit

For the automated isolation of nucleic acids from filtered air and water samples


  • Easy-to-use, hands-free purification using automated liquid handling systems
  • Efficient inhibitor removal from even the most difficult samples
  • Highly pure nucleic acids isolation without harsh chemicals

Product Details

Isolate microbial DNA and RNA from filtered liquid or air samples with automated systems using the MagAttract PowerWater DNA/RNA Kit. The magnetic bead-based technology isolates nucleic acids from samples collected on a variety of filter membranes. Using a combination of ClearMag magnetic particles and Inhibitor Removal technologies, salts, metals, humic substances and organic inhibitors are eliminated from even the most difficult samples leaving behind only pure nucleic acids ready for downstream applications.
The TissueLyser II (cat. no. 85300) and the 5 ml Tube Adapters (cat. no. 11980) are recommended for processing up to 32 MagAttract PowerWater Bead Tubes for maximum sample processing. The 5 ml Tube Centrifuge Block (cat. no. 11981) can be used to streamline the centrifugation process when working with 5 ml tubes.
Protocols are available for the Eppendorf epMotion system.
The MagAttract PowerWater DNA/RNA Kit was previously sold by MO BIO as PowerMag Air & Water DNA/RNA Kit (384).


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