LNA Tools for RNA and miRNA Sequencing

Our QIAseq solutions are designed to maximize the yield of your miRNA sequencing experiments. The QIAseq miRNA Library Kit virtually eliminates adapter dimerization and unwanted RNA species. The reaction chemistry facilitates preparation of robust, miRNA-specific libraries with a gel-free workflow from as little as 1 ng of total RNA. Plus, Unique Molecular Indices (UMIs) tag each miRNA at an early stage, eliminating PCR and sequencing bias.
The QIAseq miRNA Library QC PCR Panel and Assays enable rigorous quality control pre- and post-sequencing using LNA-enhanced qPCR-based RNA quantification. Use the panel to evaluate your miRNA/small RNA sample quality before NGS library preparation and assess your NGS run performance post-sequencing. Plus, a comprehensive set of RNA spike-ins lets you assess the reproducibility and linearity of your NGS reads, so you can be sure you get optimal results.
Our QIAseq UPX solutions define a new generation of high-throughput NGS technologies. QIAseq UPX 3' Targeted RNA Panels incorporate unique molecular index (UMIs) and ultraplex (UPX) technology to enable accurate gene expression using 3' RNA-seq from single cells (1–1000), cell pellets and previously isolated total RNA (1 pg to 10 ng). The QIAseq UPX 3' Transcriptome Kits enable high-throughput gene expression analysis from single cells and previously isolated RNA. Both kits feature LNA-enhanced chemistry to provide increased accuracy, specificity and sensitivity.