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AmniSure Training and Implementation Resources

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Implementing AmniSure is simple and seamless – whether performing as a point-of-care test at the patient’s bedside, or in the laboratory.

Numerous resources are available to support new users or to fulfill routine validation or QC requirements.

Quick Reference Guide

AmniSure enables a fast and effective response in almost any situation where ROM is suspected. Our Quick Reference Guide details the four simple steps to perform the test and read the results.


 AmniSure is completed in four straightforward steps
AmniSure 5-minute training video

Watch the AmniSure training video

Our 5-minute training module provides step-by-step instructions for performing the AmniSure ROM test. Topics include a review of test kit components, test procedure and timing, as well as reading and interpreting the results.
AmniSure ROM Test
For the detection of PAMG-1 in amniotic fluid found in vaginal discharge of pregnant women.
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