Switch easily to advanced end-point PCR products

In our effort to bring you the best and latest of PCR technologies, the TopTaq/HiFi/LongRange PCR product lines have been discontinued in production by October 15, 2020. The technologically-superior and thoroughly-validated successor kits offer multiple advantages over the phased-out products.

  • Antibody-mediated hot-start of polymerase and exonuclease ensures superior specificity and sensitivity
  • Master mix format ensures exceptional protocol speed and convenient handling
  • Master Mix and Template Tracers prevent pipetting errors and track gel
  • Improved room temperature stability enables automation

End-point PCR kits to be phased out and their recommended successors

 To-be-phased-out PCR kit Cat. No. Recommended successor kit Cat. No.
TopTaq PCR and EpiTect MSP Kits   AllTaq PCR Kits  
TopTaq DNA Polymerase (50) 200201

AllTaq PCR Core Kit (250 U)

TopTaq DNA Polymerase (250)


 AllTaq PCR Core Kit (250 U)  203123
TopTaq DNA Polymerase (1000) 200205

AllTaq PCR Core Kit (1000 U)

TopTaq DNA Polymerase (5000) 200207

AllTaq PCR Core Kit (5000 U) 

TopTaq Master Mix Kit (250) 200403

AllTaq Master Mix Kit (500)

EpiTect MSP Kit (100) 59305  AllTaq Master Mix Kit (500)  203144
HotStar HiFidelity Polymerase Kits   UCP HiFidelity PCR Kits  
HotStar HiFidelity Polymerase Kit (100) 202602

UCP HiFidelity PCR Kit (100)

HotStar HiFidelity Polymerase Kit (1000) 202605

UCP HiFidelity PCR Kit (500)

QIAGEN LongRange Kits   UltraRun LongRange Kits  
QIAGEN LongRange PCR Kit (20) 206401

UltraRun LongRange PCR Kit (100)

QIAGEN LongRange PCR Kit (100) 206402 

UltraRun LongRange PCR Kit (100)

QIAGEN LongRange PCR Kit (250) 206403

UltraRun LongRange PCR Kit (500)

AllTaq Master Mix and PCR Core Kits 

The AllTaq Kits rely on a guard-protected, hot-start mechanism whereby DNA polymerase is kept in an inactive state by the antibody and guard molecule until the initial heat activation step. This prevents non-specific amplification and primer-dimer formation, enabling detection down to a single target molecule.

Fold fidelity vs. Taq
UCP HiFidelity PCR Kit

The UCP HiFidelity PCR Kit enables ultrafast PCR with fidelity 70 times higher than Taq polymerase for the most reliable gene editing, sequencing and microbiome applications. Premium fidelity combined with ultra clean production and high inhibitor robustness makes it ideally suited for procedures demanding high purity and accuracy.

UltraRun LongRange PCR Kit

The UltraRun LongRange PCR Kit, like the other successor PCR kits, comes with visual pipetting controls enabled by two dyes. The Master Mix Tracer is an inert orange dye that can be added to the Master mix and the Template Tracer is an inert blue dye that can be added to the template. When the template is added to the Master Mix, the color turns green, providing a visual indication of correct pipetting. Both dyes also allow tracking of gel electrophoresis.

How does the performance of the successor kit compare to my currently used kit?

QIAGEN has developed the successor kits to improve both performance and handling, speed, or other features over the precursor version. Please visit the catalog page of the successor kit to learn about these features or to download the protocol.

The performance paragraph, and particularly the "image lightbox," will contain performance and comparison data versus the precursor and other commonly used PCR kits.

You can also download the respective product profiles or visit the catalog pages linked above to view performance.


How can I request a trial kit of the successor kit?

Please visit the catalog page of the successor kit to learn about these features and click the "request trial kit" link. This will automatically create a request form and submit your request. Please note: rules and legal requirements for providing trial kits might differ in your country.


How do I ensure the optimal performance of the successor kit?

As a general rule, please do follow the protocol of the successor kit. It has been optimized for the newly developed kit composition and provides various benefits like increased speed, yield and specificity. You will only benefit from these improvements when following the recommended protocol. Refrain from copy-pasting protocols from other or older kits.

If you should have any technical questions, our technical service team is happy to support you.

What is the recommended replacement for the EpiTect MSP Kit?

The EpiTect MSP Kit contains a slow-reading polymerase, that is particularly sensitive to single nucleotide mismatches at 3' end of primers. Although our AllTaq PCR kit provides a highly specific Guard-protected hot start, it is more processive than the EpiTect MSP Kit. However, it might not be similarly sensitive to single nucleotide mismatches. We, unfortunately, do not offer an enzyme anymore, that behaves identically to the EpiTect MSP Kit.

I'm using the older QIAGEN kit in a validated procedure, or a customized version, and cannot easily change my lab routine. How can I ensure a seamless transition?

Please contact your QIAGEN account manager or contact us directly if the phase-out of the kits mentioned above creates significant issues. We are very willing to support the continuous performance of your laboratory routine and are confident in finding the right solution. Please let us know what your requirements or issues are at www.qiagen.com/techsupport-web or use the chat feature.


What are my ordering conditions for the successor kit?

Terms and conditions apply as listed on the catalog pages. If your institution or account has specific agreement or requirements, please contact your QIAGEN account manager. Any exclusive agreement requires implementation via proper quoting and setup before becoming active in our ordering system.