Empowering treatment decisions in NSCLC
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Empowering treatment decisions in NSCLC

EGFR and its role in the world’s deadliest cancer

Did you know that lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer mortality, worldwide (1)? In Europe, it’s the second most diagnosed cancer in men and the third in women, with over 477,500 new cases in 2020 (1). Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) makes up about 85% of those cases (2).

Predicting sensitivity to therapy
Predicting sensitivity to therapy
We know that many oncogenes can play a role in NSCLC. Mutations in the EGFR gene occur in ~15% of NSCLC adenocarcinomas (rising significantly – up to 63% – in Asian populations) (2). The presence of certain EGFR mutations predicts for sensitivity to EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) and confers a more favorable prognosis (3).
Gold-standard testing

Mutation analysis is the go-to method for to determine the presence or absence of a driver mutation in EGFR and enables oncologists to decide whether to use an EGFR TKI for initial treatment of a patient with advanced NSCLC (3, 4). Our new therascreen EGFR Plus RGQ PCR Kit detects all currently known activating and resistance EGFR mutations and supports your treatment decision making.

Gold-standard testing
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Sensitive detection of EGFR mutations
Sensitive detection of EGFR mutations

The therascreen EGFR Plus RGQ PCR Kit is an in vitro diagnostic test to support your selection of NSCLC patients for therapy with EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs), based on the detection of mutations in the EGFR gene (5).

Regular testing using liquid biopsy (plasma) samples can help to positively impact treatment outcomes, by ensuring patients get the right treatment at the right stage of their treatment journey.

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Enabling precision healthcare for your patients
Our therascreen kits for solid tumor diagnostics allow you to access relevant genomic information for each patient and use it to make the best treatment decisions possible.
Enabling precision healthcare for your patients
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The therascreen EGFR Plus RGQ PCR Kit is intended for in vitro diagnostic use.


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