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QIAGEN Workflow Configurator for RNA-seq data analysis

Find the right products for your RNA-seq data analysis

We designed the QIAGEN Workflow Configurator to help you find what you need to for your RNA-seq data projects and get the best results possible. You can start right away by selecting your starting material or any of the other parameters below, or you look a little further down to learn more about the Workflow Configurator and the advantages it can bring you and your lab.

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This smart online tool can help you find the right products for every step of your workflow.

Are you working with differential gene expression analysis or other RNA-seq data? With the new Workflow Configurator you can quickly and easily find what you need for every step of your experiment in one place. All you have to do is make a few selections based on your research interests. Within seconds, the Workflow Configurator sorts through hundreds of products to build an experimental workflow that works for you. It really is that simple!

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"I would absolutely recommend QIAGEN Workflow Configurator to students who are just starting out – or an intermediate learner. It provides standardized protocols and the appropriate instrument to support effective and efficient studies. Thus, students can do multi-disciplinary work due to the vast reduction in searching and reviewing time."
Senior Researcher, Asan Medical Center, Seoul, Korea
See workflows for your RNA-seq projects

With so many kits and instruments available for RNA-seq research, it takes time to figure out the best combination for your particular samples and applications – unless you use the QIAGEN Workflow Configurator! Here is a sample of a few workflows for a range of RNA-seq projects. Click a workflow step to see all the options.

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