High-Molecular Weight DNA

High-Molecular Weight DNA

Long-read sequencing, such as PacBio or Oxford Nanopore sequencing, generates reads of several thousand base pairs, making them ideal for resolving complex genomic regions. Sample preparation prior to long-read sequencing presents several challenges that can impact the quality and accuracy of sequencing data, as long-read sequencing is highly sensitive to DNA quality and integrity.

Contaminants, degradation, or shearing of DNA can lead to poor sequencing results. Therefore, ensuring that the input DNA is of high quality, quantity and free from contaminants is highly critical. At the same time, extracting HMW DNA of sufficient size, quantity and quality can be tedious and time-intensive.

We are proud to offer various sample preparation kits aimed to minimize costs and shorten processing times without sacrificing DNA quality and integrity.

We offer dedicated kits for HMW DNA extraction, depending on your sample and gDNA size requirement. Check out our selection guide below to choose what works best for you.