MB Gutcheck

Microbe masterpieces contest

And now, the winners

We knew you were creative. After all, you specialize in imagining a world that could be so much better – and then you make it happen.

So it was no surprise that you sent amazing microbe images.

Did your entry win a Gut Check game? Check your social media inbox now to find out.

(If received a prize, we’d love to see your selfie with it. Tag us on social media!)

We hope you enjoyed creating your microbiome masterpieces. Thank you for showing the rest of us the hidden beauty of microbes.

Take a look at the contest rules for details about the contest. The contest is now closed. Winners have been contacted through social media accounts. You can also e-mail ask.a.microbiome.scientist@qiagen.com to claim your prize.

Winners of this contest will receive the cult, educational and fun Gut Check game.

How did this game come about? Why is it so popular with scientists, students and children alike?

If you like backstories, you’ll enjoy reading our chat with the gamer scientists who devised Gut Check. Meet the Gut Check creators and find out how they made microbes fun for all.

Gutcheck Game
* Terms and conditions apply. Export regulations may apply. For further details on this prize photo contest, see the complete rules here. Entries to the contest are closed on September 1, 2021, and entry is not available in all countries. Entry to the contest is restricted to one entry per person and excludes QIAGEN employees. Void where prohibited by law. No purchase or other activity is required for entry. Individuals or entities involved in the provision of healthcare services and/or items to patients, which purchase, lease, recommend, use, arrange for the purchase or lease of, or prescribe medical technologies, or who are classified as healthcare professionals or healthcare organizations under any applicable laws or industry codes of ethics, may not participate. Participants warrant that they do not fall into any of the categories described in the preceding sentence and are not prohibited by employment, contract, law, regulation, or any applicable professional code of conduct from accepting a prize from QIAGEN. It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure that acceptance of a prize will not violate any internal policies of their organization/institution.