QIAxcel ScreenGel Software

Intuitive software for analysis of DNA and RNA with the QIAxcel Advanced System


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QIAxcel ScreenGel Software (10)

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Ten licenses for use of QIAxcel ScreenGel Software on additional computers
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✓ 24/7 automatic processing of online orders

✓ Knowledgeable and professional Product & Technical Support

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  • Easy navigation through state-of-the-art user interface
  • Objective RNA quality measurement with RNA Integrity Score
  • Run setup and data analysis with process templates
  • Secure user management and automatic electronic documentation

Product Details

QIAxcel ScreenGel software enables convenient DNA and RNA analysis on the QIAxcel Advanced and QIAxcel systems. The powerful and user-friendly software provides a range of features such as generation of comprehensive reports and easy data export — and provides full compatibility with BioCalculator Software files. The QIAGEN RNA Integrity Score (RIS) provides an objective quality measurement for eukaryotic RNA samples and allows easy interpretation of sample integrity.

A guided wizard simplifies run setup and data analysis. Complete process profiles for performing a run right through to data export enable standardized sample analysis — reducing the amount of user training required. Unauthorized access to the software is prevented by the user management function. QIAxcel ScreenGel software also supports the technical requirements of 21 CFR Part 11, enabling use of an electronic records system.


QIAxcel ScreenGel software provides a new level of convenience

QIAxcel ScreenGel software, specifically developed for use with the QIAxcel Advanced system, is a powerful and user-friendly tool for data collection and analysis. Interactive tools simplify analysis, facilitate rapid data interpretation, and provide flexibility with data and results displayed in both electropherogram and gel image formats. Results can be viewed individually or displayed as overlay views for sample and data comparison. All-in-one analysis for multiple data sets simplifies evaluation. A unique algorithm calculates and generates a tabular display of a variety of peak properties, including number of peaks as well as the size, height, width, and area of each peak. Comprehensive data reports can be easily generated and saved or exported to meet individual documentation needs. Complete process profiles for standardized sample processing — from running samples to data analysis, generating reports and exporting data — minimize the need for additional training for users (see figure Simplified and standardized data collection and analysis).

Process profiles allow you to:
Predefine the entire workflow
Reduce software interaction to a minimum
Standardize your routine applications
Reduce handling errors to a minimum

RNA analysis — objective quality values with the new RNA Integrity Score (RIS) feature

The new QIAGEN RNA Integrity Score (RIS) provides an objective quality measurement for eukaryotic RNA samples and allows easy interpretation of sample integrity. The RIS is a value from 1 to 10 where a value of 10 indicates completely intact RNA (see figure RIS indicates RNA integrity). The highly reproducible RIS eliminates the need for human interpretation and enables the implementation of rigorous quality control at appropriate breakpoints across workflows. This allows researchers to eliminate samples that do not meet the quality criteria required for downstream processes, reducing the risk of needing to repeat experiments and saving time and costs.


Easy setup and start

Starting an experiment is easy using the Process Wizard (see figure Easy-to-use software features). This convenient feature enables guided setup and allows the user to define run parameters and preselect DNA size markers. Reagent lot number information can be included and samples can be selected with a single click of the mouse. Run checks can also be easily performed.

Clear experiment overview

Experiment Explorer lets users easily display and analyze samples according to individual preferences. Samples can be selected with just a click of the mouse, and simple drag-and-drop features can be used to visualize samples. Versatile and flexible analysis features enable convenient data processing with the possibility to combine multiple data sets. As an additional safety feature when setting up a reference marker table for subsequent sample size determination, the optically detected fragment pattern is compared to the expected fragment pattern, and automatic alerts are generated if fragments are missing.

Convenient results documentation

The software enables configurable reports to be generated. Cartridge ID and calibration status can be included, and data can be electronically documented. Data are available in .csv and .xml formats, enabling easy transfer to other databases and systems such as LIMS. Integrated XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations) enables transformation of XML documents into multiple formats including XML documents with different structures, HTML for webpages, PDF files, PostScript, or PNG files (see Figure Highly flexible data format).

Support of 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

QIAxcel ScreenGel software includes specific features that support the technical requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 regulations, enabling use of an electronic records system (see figure Password-protected login). Features such as the following are available:
Password-protected login to prevent unauthorized access and data manipulation
Audit trail documentation for configuration files and system events
Automatic saving and archiving of write-protected raw data

Secure user management

Different user profiles are available (Routine, Basic, Advanced, Admin) and are password protected (user login is required) for increased security. A simplified interface minimizes the need for user training and makes the software especially attractive for inexperienced users.


QIAxcel ScreenGel software together with QIAxcel Advanced enables separation and analysis of a variety of nucleic acids including single or multiple PCR fragments, DNA digested with restriction endonucleases, synthesized oligonucleotides, total RNA and cRNA.

QIAxcel ScreenGel software and the QIAxcel Advanced System have been used for applications such as:

  • Bacterial genotyping
  • PCR fragment analysis
  • Pre-sequencing testing
  • Mutation detection
  • Detection of food allergens
  • Quality control of genomic DNA
  • Total RNA and cRNA QC for RT-PCR and microarray analysis


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