Become a core lab partner

Become a core lab partner

Partner with us to leverage our expertise and get your customers access to a portfolio of dedicated Sample to Insight solutions, optimized for any NGS workflow, and agnostic to the instrument used. We help you deliver on the promise of quality, compatibility and consistency with standardized workflows, increasing efficiency and reducing time to valuable insights.

Why work with QIAGEN?

Co-marketing opportunities

Leverage the premium branding of QIAGEN. You will gain visibility on our website and will be co-marketed to end-users and collaborators.

Exclusive access to innovations

Get access to try out and provide feedback on our latest innovative products and technologies. Plus, special offers to trade up instruments.

Premium support

Ready access to first-class support, training and troubleshooting from our field application scientists and global product managers.

Do more for less

Exclusive discounted product pricing for reference core partners provides more pricing options to end-users.

Looking for our featured products?
Find solutions unique to your core lab services and customers.