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Rotor-Gene Q MDx

For IVD-validated real-time PCR analysis in clinical applications
  • Compliance with EU IVD Directive 98/79/EC
  • Outstanding thermal and optical performance due to rotary format
  • Robust technology, requiring minimal maintenance
  • Easy-to-use software with state-of-the-art security features
  • Broad portfolio of CE-IVD–marked PCR kits

The innovative Rotor-Gene Q MDx instrument enables high-precision real-time PCR. In combination with QIAGEN CE-IVD-marked PCR kits, the Rotor-Gene Q MDx instrument is highly suited for in vitro diagnostic applications.

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Cat No./ID: 9002002
Rotor-Gene Q MDx 2plex Platform
Real-time PCR cycler with 2 channels (green, yellow), laptop computer, software, accessories: includes 1-year warranty on parts and labor, installation and training not included
Cat No./ID: 9002012
Rotor-Gene Q MDx 2plex HRM Platform
Real-time PCR cycler and High Resolution Melt analyzer with 2 channels (green, yellow) plus HRM channel, laptop computer, software, accessories: includes 1-year warranty on parts and labor, installation and training not included
Cat No./ID: 9002022
Rotor-Gene Q MDx 5plex Platform
Real-time PCR cycler with 5 channels (green, yellow, orange, red, crimson), laptop computer, software, accessories: includes 1-year warranty on parts and labor, installation and training not included
Cat No./ID: 9002032
Rotor-Gene Q MDx 5plex HRM Platform
Real-time PCR cycler and High Resolution Melt analyzer with 5 channels (green, yellow, orange, red, crimson) plus HRM channel, laptop computer, software, accessories: includes 1-year warranty on parts and labor, installation and training not included
Cat No./ID: 9002042
Rotor-Gene Q MDx 6plex Platform
Real-time PCR instrument with 6 channels (blue, green, yellow, orange, red, crimson), including laptop computer, software, accessories: includes 1-year warranty on parts and labor, installation and training not included
The Rotor-Gene Q MDx instrument is intended for in vitro diagnostic use in Europe.

Product Details

Reliable quantitation of HBV load.
Detection of the quantitation standards (HBV RG/TM1-5) on the Rotor-Gene using the artus HBV RG PCR Kit. NTC: no template control
Highly sensitive detection of HBV DNA.
Probit analysis: HBV (QIAsymphony RGQ system). Analytical sensitivity of the artus HBV QS-RGQ Kit with the QIAsymphony RGQ System.
Rotor-Gene Q MDx.
Benefit from the outstanding reliability and sensitivity of QIAGEN PCR kits in your routine testing (see figures "Reliable quantitation of HBV load" and "Highly sensitive detection of HBV DNA"). QIAGEN provides the broadest portfolio of CE-IVD-marked PCR kits for infectious disease (artus kits) and genetic analysis/companion diagnostics (therascreen kits) for any single real-time PCR cycler. Furthermore, this broad portfolio on the Rotor-Gene Q MDx is continously expanding.
Unique rotary design for outstanding performance

The unique centrifugal design of the Rotor-Gene Q MDx makes it the most precise and versatile real-time PCR cycler currently available (see figure "Cross-section of the Rotor-Gene Q MDx"). Each tube spins in a chamber of moving air, keeping all samples at precisely the same temperature during rapid thermal cycling. Detection is similarly uniform. When each tube aligns with the detection optics, the sample is illuminated and the fluorescent signal is rapidly collected from a single, short optical pathway. This thermal and optical uniformity results in sensitive, precise, and fast real-time PCR analysis. The rotary design delivers up to 20 times better thermal precision in real-time cycling compared with traditional block-based instruments. Build up complete confidence in your real-time PCR test by using highly precise rotary technology.

Unrivaled optical range enables multiple applications

The optical channels of the Rotor-Gene Q MDx compliment QIAGEN's CE-IVD-marked assays. With up to 6 channels spanning UV to infrared wavelengths, the cycler is ready to support even the most demanding multiplex applications (see table). In addition, the software allows you to create new excitation/detection wavelength combinations, which means that the Rotor-Gene Q MDx is now compatible with dyes you may want to use in the future.  

Channels for optical detection
Channel Excitation (nm) Detection (nm) Examples of fluorophores detected
Blue 365 ± 20 460 ± 20 Marina Blue, Edans, Bothell Blue,
Alexa Fluor 350, AMCA-X, ATTO 390
Green 470 ± 10 510 ± 5 FAM, SYBR® Green I, Fluorescein,
EvaGreen, Alexa Fluor 488
Yellow 530 ± 5 557 ± 5 JOE, VIC, HEX, TET, CAL Fluor
Gold 540, Yakima Yellow
Orange 585 ± 5 610 ± 5 ROX, CAL Fluor Red 610, Cy 3.5,
Texas Red, Alexa Fluor 568
Red 625 ± 5 660 ± 10 Cyanine 670, Quasar 670, LightCycler
Red640, Alexa Fluor 633
Crimson 680 ± 5 712 high pass Quasar 705, LightCycler Red705,
Alexa Fluor 680
HRM 460 ± 20 510 ± 5 SYBR® Green I, SYTO9, LC Green,
LC Green Plus+, EvaGreen
Minimum maintenance; maximum convenience

The Rotor-Gene Q MDx is engineered to reduce the need for maintenance, and to maximize ease of use. This saves time and costs, and keeps the instrument operational for continuous testing. The outstanding robustness of Rotor-Gene technology is proven in several thousand installations worldwide.

Convenient features of the Rotor-Gene Q MDx include:

  • Lifetime guarantee on highly stable LEDs, no expensive and time consuming lamp replacement, and no gradual performance loss
  • Cost-effective and easy temperature-accuracy verification (see below)
  • Optical calibration not required at installation, or when the instrument is moved
  • "Plug and play" connectivity between the computer and the instrument
  • No sample block to clean
  • No condensation or bubbles in the reaction due to rotation
  • Small, light, and robust instrument — simply place it where you want it
Manual and automated workflow

The Rotor-Gene Q MDx supports manual as well as automated workflows. In addition to a broad range of assays for manual sample preparation and assay setup, there are also options for semi- or fully-automated workflows.

  • Purify your nucleic acids with the proven EZ1 DSP Virus Kit on the EZ1 Advanced instrument. Then, choose EASYartus PCR Kits for a CE-IVD–compliant pathogen detection workflow on the Rotor-Gene Q MDx.
  • For a fully automated CE-IVD–compliant workflow, use the Rotor-Gene Q MDx as part of the complete QIAsymphony RGQ system for molecular testing. The QIAsymphony RGQ workflow starts with purification of nucleic acids on the QIAsymphony SP in combination with the QIAsymphony DSP Virus/Pathogen Kit. The eluates, containing purified nucleic acids from the sample preparation procedure, are transferred to the QIAsymphony AS module, which then performs assay setup with artus QS-RGQ Kits. The assays are then transferred to the Rotor-Gene Q MDx for PCR and data analysis.
Easy routine verification

Certified laboratories may often want to verify thermal accuracy. For most cyclers, this usually requires interaction with a service engineer. With the Rotor-Gene Q MDx, this is not necessary. Instead, the easy-to-use, cost-effective proprietary Rotor-Disc OTV (Optical Temperature Verification) Kit automates temperature accuracy testing. The full procedure takes less than 30 minutes and can be performed by any user.


QIAGEN CE-IVD-marked PCR kits for pathogen detection and genetic analysis enable detection of specific targets.

Software enables quantification and enhances data security

The comprehensive Rotor-Gene Q software package supports all analysis procedures for IVD testing. The powerful and user-friendly software provides simplicity for the routine user, as well as an open platform for the more advanced developer. Software wizards as well as templates for run, processing, and analysis procedures, and various pre-defined report formats, support standardization in your laboratory.

The highest data security, from starting the run to exporting the results, is assured by audit trails, digital signatures, and individual user management. Each Rotor-Gene Q MDx instrument is supplied with an unlimited software user license for your institute, enabling you to access and analyse your test results on as many computers as you want — in the laboratory, or in the office.


Altitude Up to 2000 m (6500 ft)
Dimensions Width, 37 cm (14.6 in.); height, 28.6 cm (11.3 in.); Depth (without cables), 42 cm (16.5 in.); Depth (door open), 53.8 cm (21.2 in.)
Heat dissipation/thermal load Average, 0.183 kW (632 BTU/hour); Peak, 0.458 kW (1578 BTU/hour)
Humidity 10-75% (noncondensing)
Kits designed for this instrument artus QS-RGQ Kits, artus RG PCR Kits, EASYartus PCR Kits, therascreen PCR Kits
Operating temperature 18-30°C (64-86°F)
Optical System Up to 6 channels spanning UV to infrared wavelengths; Excitation sources: High energy light-emitting diodes; Detector: Photomultiplier; Acquisition time: 4 s. The software allows new excitation/detection wavelength combinations to be created.
Overvoltage category II
Place of operation For indoor use only
Pollution level 2; Environmental class 3K2 (IEC 60721-3-3)
Power 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, <520 VA (peak); Power consumption <60 VA (standby); Mains supply voltage fluctuations are not to exceed 10% of the nominal supply voltages; F5a 250 V fuse
Protocols/main application on this instrument IVD validated real-time PCR analysis in clinical applications such as pathogen detection, viral load testing, and mutation testing
Samples per run (throughput) Tubes 0.2 ml - 36 samples/run; Strip Tubes 0.1 ml (4 tubes) - 72 samples/run; Rotor-Disc 72 - 72 samples/run; Rotor-Disc 100 - 100 samples/run
Software Rotor-Gene Q software, supplied on the installation CD provided
Storage conditions 15°C to 30°C (59°F to 86°F) in manufacturer's package; Max. 75% relative humidity (noncondensing); Environmental class 1K2 (IEC 60721-3-1)
Technology Real-time PCR cycler
Thermal performance Temperature range, 35°C to 99°C (95°F to 210.2°F); Temperature accuracy, ±0.5°C; Temperature resolution, ±0.02°C (smallest programmable increment); Temperature uniformity, ±0.02°C (standard deviation)
Transportation conditions –25°C to 60°C (–13°F to 140°F) in manufacturer's package; Max. 75% relative humidity (non-condensing); Environmenal class: 2K2 (IEC 60721-3-2)
Warranty 1 year on instrument; lifetime guarantee on excitation LEDs
Weight 12.5 kg (27.6 lb.), standard configuration

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Operating Software (1)
For use on the Rotor-Gene Q. Rotor-Gene Q Software 2.3.4 is compatible with both Windows 10 and Windows 7 operating systems.
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Instrument User Manuals (2)
For use with Rotor-Gene Q Software version 2.3.4
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Rotor-Gene Q MDx User Manual, revision R3, for Rotor-Gene Q MDx instruments using Rotor-Gene Q Software version 2.3.4
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