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Allow us to help you accelerate your innovation. Dive into the various information on this page to learn about OEM by QIAGEN tailored solutions in detail.

We offer access to QIAGEN technologies, products and related customization capabilities. We offer bulk production of OEM solutions - modified and non-branded components or complete workflows and kits tailored to your specifications. According to GMP guidelines, our OEM solutions are manufactured with consistent high-quality at ISO-certified facilities.

What you need to know about starting an OEM project

Allow OEM by QIAGEN to help you turn your innovative ideas into reality
Looking for OEM solutions?

Check out this video to understand more about our OEM product portfolio and manufacturing capabilities. Learn why OEM by QIAGEN is a reliable supplier to produce tailor-made enzymes for your molecular assay.

Want to work with the kit experts?

Tune into this video to learn how a dedicated OEM by QIAGEN project manager can help you plan your project from the start, to mitigate risks and avoid supply bottlenecks every step of the way.

Need a one-stop-shop OEM supplier?

Watch this video to learn more about the OEM by QIAGEN process. You can modify, develop, sample, test and ultimately manufacture your bulk component with considerable cost savings.

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Allow OEM by QIAGEN to be your trusted partner in making the correct "make or buy" decisions.
person working on a fermenter
Commercial enzyme quality at scale, case study

Our customer is a significant manufacturer of IVD and PCR-based molecular diagnostics solutions in China. The customer was facing lot-to-lot variability with an enzyme produced in-house on a large scale. Learn how OEM by QIAGEN helped this customer achieve quality at scale.

Going global together with OEM solutions, case study

Our customer serves as one of the leading providers of NGS-based clinical testing in their home country. Regulatory bodies locally and globally requested proof of clinical benefits from the manufacturer. Learn how OEM by QIAGEN enabled our customer to go global with confidence.

OEM solutions
spin production
Scaling production with OEM solutions to match business growth, case study

Our customer is a start-up biotechnology company in Singapore, offering proprietary detection for a common cancer. The company was pressured to create a minimal viable product to penetrate the market. Learn how OEM by QIAGEN provided quality at scale to match business growth.

Thinking out of the box, OEM solutions for co-development synergies, case study

Our customer is one of Japan's biggest laboratory chemical corporations. By acquiring a medical instrument company, the customer diversified its group business into healthcare services. Learn how OEM by QIAGEN helped overcome the challenge of diversifying to a new business.

Enzyme Rack assembly
Consistent commercial enzyme high quality, case study

Our customer is a large-scale manufacturer that develops proprietary DNA profiling kits considered the gold standard by authorities in China. Learn how OEM by QIAGEN helped our customer achieve consistent enzyme quality performance with outsourced OEM solutions.

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Allow OEM by QIAGEN to be your trusted partner in making the correct "make or buy" decisions.
Enzyme portfolio overview

As an assay developer, you face a continuous challenge of consolidating your supply chain while ensuring commercial enzyme quality and consistency. OEM by QIAGEN can help you simplify this process by providing a large variety of off-the-shelf or customized enzymes in bulk. Check out our interactive brochure for an overview of our enzyme portfolio.

Webinar: Qualifying an OEM enzyme supplier

In this webinar Dr. Susanne Schlemm and Jennifer Kern review various considerations and demonstrate how OEM customers can ensure diverse criteria are met when qualifying a bulk enzyme manufacturer for your commercial assay.

Qualifying an OEM enzyme supplier
How OEM solutions help you overcome supply chain challenges

Watch this video to learn how OEM by QIAGEN can help you consolidate your supply chain. No matter the size of your company, we can support you with bulk production, from single components to complete workflows and kits.

Proven spin columns as OEM

Molecular assays require high yields of high-quality nucleic acids for reliable results. With QIAGEN spin columns as an OEM solution, you bring proven technologies to your customers.

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Allow OEM by QIAGEN to be your trusted partner in making the correct "make or buy" decisions.
Interactive online tool to review OEM portfolio

Assay development with diverse suppliers can be complex and expensive. Allow OEM by QIAGEN to help you to consolidate your supply chain.

Introducing a new interactive tool: The Periodic Table of Kit Components, designed to help you efficiently outsource OEM kit solutions for your molecular assays.

Periodic table
OEM by QIAGEN Quality at scale
OEM by QIAGEN tailored bulk solutions, brochure

OEM by QIAGEN offers a wide range of high-quality components in various formats and formulations, manufactured in bulk according to GMP guidelines and suited to customer requirements. Check out our brochure!

Highly pure custom oligonucleotides, interactive brochure

OEM by QIAGEN manufactures premium-quality oligonucleotides for molecular and in-vitro diagnostics applications. Our custom oligonucleotides are produced using AIE-HPLC and RP-HPLC methods, resulting in a very high purity level.

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REACH for OEM Webinar
The REACH EU Regulation – registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals – affects the supply chain of molecular diagnostic companies.

In this webinar the implications of REACH especially for OEM partners are reviewed. Our efforts to assure compliance and future supply security are discussed.

Webinar: OEM reagents for commercial PCR assay

Supplier efficiency ads an extra challenge to development of tailored components for your assays.

Dirk Schacht describes QIAGEN’s approach to kit development and respective support options for OEM partners around RT- and PCR-enzymes, mastermix formulations, assay development and their supply.

OEM reagents