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Accelerate your innovation

OEM – a manufacturing solution for your PCR assay 

When working on a breakthrough for the molecular diagnostics and NGS markets, you want to make sure that you get to the market first. No matter the scale, you want to ensure that your PCR manufacturing is conducted without compromising compliance, high quality and consistency. You need to know that you have complete confidentiality, operational efficiencies and cost control. These challenges can be overcome by outsourcing to a reliable bulk PCR supplier. Allow OEM by QIAGEN to help you accelerate your innovation.

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Good news: We've expanded our enzymes portfolio

We're excited to share the news that Blirt S.A, a leading manufacturer of enzymes, has joined QIAGEN. This will give you a broader portfolio of specialty enzymes to choose from and a higher delivery guarantee.

OEM by QIAGEN Accelerate your innovation
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Portfolio breadth

Global capabilities for bulk manufacturing

If you cannot be served with off-the-shelf bulk PCR products, OEM by QIAGEN offers a wide range of components in various formats and formulations, including custom solutions. Our kitting capabilities will be of high value for small-sized partners who have limited PCR manufacturing resources and need compliant facilities. Check out our OEM enzymes, oligonucleotides, master mixes, buffers, reagents and nucleic acid purification solutions.

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Quality at scale

Scalability without compromise on quality, from prototype to bulk manufacturing, we provide you with high-quality OEM solutions at scale. You can be sure of outstanding quality control processes. With our ISO and GMP certified manufacturing facilities and offices located all over the world, we offer global support and commercial excellence.

OEM by QIAGEN Quality at scale
Confidentiality and trust

Confidentiality and trust

Our expansive PCR manufacturing solutions are at hand to improve your time to market with reduced investments. Your confidentiality is our top priority; even within QIAGEN, the OEM group shares information only on a need-to-know basis. We want to build a trusted partnership with you for years to come. Make the most of an effective alternative to in-house development and manufacturing. Learn more about our OEM process.