PCR Master Mixes

QIAGEN has vast experience in creating, validating and producing PCR master mixes, having brought a huge variety of kits to the market over the years. We offer master mix manufacturing and supply in various volumes and packaging options. Our customized PCR master mixes can be used in most commercially available instruments for various applications such as PCR, qPCR, RT PCR, digital PCR, NGS, epigenetics and PCR array analysis. Our smooth supply chain operations enable bulk deliveries, just in time, anywhere in the world.


Types of PCR Applications (examples) Products (examples)
Qualitative end-point PCR 

Genotyping PCR, genetic analysis, cloning, STR and
microsatellite analysis 

AIITaq Master Mix, AIITaq PCR Core Kits, QIAGEN Multiplex
PCR/PCR plus Kits, UCP Multiplex PCR Kit,
HotStarTaq Master mix Kits 

Long-range PCR

UltraRun Long Range PCR Kit 

HiFidelity PCR, NGS

UCP HiFidelity PCR Kit, Hifi PCR Master mix 

Microbial testing, microbiome/metagenome analysis,
genotyping and genetic testing

UCP Multiplex PCR Kit, UCP HiFidelity PCR Kit

Quantitative real-time PCR

Gene Expression Analysis, two-step real-time PCR, real-time
PCR arrays, digital PCR 

QuantiNova SYBR® Green PCR Kit, QuantiNova Probe PCR
Kit, UCP SYBR® Green PCR Kit, UCP Probe PCR Kit 

RT-PCR, one-step RT-PCR, Gene Expression Analysis

QuantiNova Pathogen Kit, QuantiNova Reverse Transcription

Kit, QIAGEN One Step Ahead RT-PCR Kit, QuantiNova
Multiplex RT-PCR Kit Omniscript, Sensiscript

Multiplex PCR 

QuantiNova Multiplex PCR Kit , QuantiNova Multiplex

Epigenetics,  multiple  displacement amplification analysis,
DNA methylation analysis

EpiTect Methylight PCR Kits

More PCR master mixes and commercial enzymes
Take a deeper look at our OEM master mixes and enzyme portfolio.

From off-the-shelf to fully customized PCR mixes, we can offer diverse solutions for your commercial assay. Furthermore, we can adapt formulation and packaging to your manufacturing needs. We can supply GMP-grade mixes. We can deliver master mixes as a stable solution in lyophilized, lyo-ready or glycerol-free forms.


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Innovation leaders

Our innovative QuantiNova® master mix products with unique pipetting-control feature demonstrate our ability and interest in driving innovation in every product, always.


Lyophilization (freeze-drying) is a process in which water is removed to preserve materials, extend shelf life, or enable transport at ambient temperature. Lyophilization starts with freezing the material, followed by reducing the pressure and adding heat to allow the frozen water in the material to sublimate.

QIAGEN offers various formulations of glycerol-free, lyo-ready, or lyophilized commercial enzymes for molecular biology applications. Take a deeper look at our enzyme portfolio.


Ultra Clean Production

The Ultra Clean Production (UCP) master mix is recommended for procedures demanding high purity and accuracy. It is particularly suited to applications that call for reagents depleted of contaminating nucleic acids. The UCP master mix offers high efficiency in procedures prone to contaminating background DNA and is used in microbial analysis workflows, such as quantification of microbial DNA versus host DNA before NGS library preparation.