QIAxcel Connect
Automated Gel Electrophoresis

QIAxcel Connect

Who says you can’t have it all?

Capillary electrophoresis instruments often force you to choose: Easy to use but with limited resolution? Or many analysis options but hard to use?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have it all? Something that is …

  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Able to handle all your DNA and RNA applications
  • Cost efficient, to top it all off (because why not?)

You can have all these and more with the QIAxcel Connect capillary electrophoresis instrument.

Take a closer look
Would you like to experience the QIAxcel Connect for yourself? We can set up a trial for you. Just fill out our online request form to apply.

Ease and convenience

Here’s how to use your QIAxcel Connect:

  1. Insert your samples and gel cartridge into the intrument. No need to prepare your gel – just insert the cartridge. (How many samples can you process with that cartridge? Find out below.)
  2. Select your analysis protocol. What do you want to analyze? Which kit are you using? Tell your instrument what you want, then let it do its job.
  3. See your results in real time. Or step out and just wait for your QIAsphere app to call you back once your results are ready. (What is QIAsphere? Find out here.)
Kit Size range Resolution* Limit of detection Applications
QIAxcel DNA High Resolution Kit 15 bp – 20 kb;
displaying up to 50 kb
3–5 bp 0.1 ng/μl
  • High-resolution genotyping
  • VNTRs, STRs, etc.
  • Genomic DNA integrity check
 QIAxcel DNA Screening Kit  15 bp – 5 kb  20–50 bp  0.1 ng/μl
  • Fast PCR screening (single and multiplex)
  • Restriction digest, plasmid
  • gDNA integrity check
  • Library check
 QIAxcel DNA High-Sensitivity Kit  15 bp – 3 kb  20–50 bp  Down to 5 pg/μl
  • Quality control of liquid biopsy extracts
  • NGS library check
 QIAxcel DNA Fast Analysis Kit  15 bp – 3 kb  50 bp  0.1 ng/μl  Fast single amplicon analysis, e.g., HLA typing
 QIAxcel RNA QC Kit v2.0  Total RNA, resolves small RNAs  N/A  5 ng/μl  Checking RNA quality
 QIAxcel RNA High-Sensitivity Kit Total RNA, resolves small RNAs  N/A  Down to 50 pg/μl  Checking RNA quality


Cost efficiency

With a single QIAxcel gel cartridge, you can process up to 3000 samples, depending on which kit you are using. What if you don’t have that many samples? Just put your gel cartridge back in the fridge and use it when needed. It will stay good for weeks, and you avoid wastage.

By the way, have we mentioned that the QIAxcel Connect can process up to 96 samples without manual intervention, so you can do more tasks without spending more time in the lab?

Conserve your materials, time and energy. Now THAT is cost efficient.

See it in action right now

So how does the QIAxcel Connect work in an actual lab setting?

We’ve prepared a virtual demo to answer that question. It covers everything you need to know about unpacking and installation, setting up your gel electrophoresis run, and maintenance.

See it, touch it, feel it – before you decide
Nothing beats empirical evidence. So why not see and touch and feel the QIAxcel Connect in your own lab before you decide if it’s right for you? It’s easy and free to do so. Just fill out our online request form to apply for an onsite demo.
The QIAxcel Connect is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.