TissueLyser 5 mm Bead Dispenser, 96-Well

Cat. No. / ID: 69975

For dispensing 96 beads (5 mm diameter) in parallel
96 beads
Single beads
For beads
5 mm
3 mm
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Product Details

TissueLyser Bead Dispensers are designed for efficient and user-friendly dispensing of grinding beads into disruption vessels for sample disruption using TissueLyser systems. TissueLyser Single-Bead Dispensers are for dispensing beads into standard 2 ml microcentrifuge tubes. The dispensers fit onto a Gilson Carrousel Pipette Stand. Dispensers are available for beads with diameters of 5 or 7 mm. TissueLyser Bead Dispensers, 96-Well are for dispensing 96 beads in parallel into Collection Microtubes (racked), enabling high-throughput disruption and homogenization. Dispensers are available for beads with diameters of 3 or 5 mm.


Kit Handbooks (2)
For dispensing beads into disruption vessels
For high-throughput disruption of biological samples


What is your recommendation for cleaning the TissueLyser Bead Dispenser (96-well format)?
The 96-well TissueLyser Bead Dispenser can be cleaned with a mild detergent (e.g. dish-soap) and water. Do not use aggressive reagents such as acetone, and do not autoclave or heat-sterilize the TissueLyser Bead Dispenser.
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