Rotor-Disc 72 Starter Kit

配合Rotor-Gene Q实时荧光定量PCR分析仪使用

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Rotor-Disc 72 Starter Kit (230V)

Cat. No. / ID:  9001601

4 Rotor-Disc 72 packs for 20–25 µl reactions, Rotor-Disc Heat Sealer, Rotor-Disc Heat Sealing Film, Rotor-Disc 72 Rotor and Locking Ring, Rotor-Disc 72 Loading Block, Rotor-Disc Pipetting Aid
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The Rotor-Disc 72 Starter Kit is for use with the Rotor-Gene Q thermal cycler.
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  • 加快反应体系构建,提高通量
  • 配合Rotor-Gene Q实时荧光定量PCR分析仪进行Real-time PCR,表现卓越

Product Details

Rotor-Disc 72 Starter Kit提供在Rotor-Gene Q实时荧光定量PCR分析仪上进行72个反应所需的所有试剂和耗材。


Rotor-Disc 72 Starter Kit为Rotor-Disc 72孔盘规格,可在Rotor-Gene Q实时荧光定量PCR分析仪上便利的进行real-time PCR。该试剂盒含有Rotor-Disc 72孔盘、Rotor-Disc Heat Sealer、Rotor-Disc Heat Sealing Film、Rotor-Disc 72 Rotor和Locking Ring、Rotor-Disc 72 Loading Block、以及Rotor-Disc Pipetting Aid。



Rotor-Disc 72 Rotor和Rotor-Disc 72 Locking Ring与Rotor-Disc 100孔盘配套使用。Rotor-Disc 72孔盘为圆形,有72个垂直的反应孔,适合高通量应用。

Rotor-Disc 72孔盘无需管盖。只需将Rotor-Disc Heat Sealing Film置于孔的顶部,用Rotor-Disc Heat Sealer加热即可密封。牢固、结实的密封膜可避免污染。


使用Rotor-Gene Q实时荧光定量PCR分析仪和Rotor-Disc 72 Starter Kit可进行real-time PCR和高分辨率熔解分析,包括:

  • 基因表达分析
  • 病原体检测
  • DNA甲基化分析
  • 基因分型
  • 基因扫描
  • miRNA研究


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Do the master mixes in Rotor-Gene Kits contain dUTP to allow UNG pretreatment?

No. The master mixes in Rotor-Gene Kits contain dTTP instead of dUTP. If UNG treatment is required, we recommend using QuantiTect +UNG Kits. QuantiTect Kits are also compatible with the Rotor-Gene Q; however, the kits require a significantly longer cycling time.



FAQ ID -2117
How many samples can be run in parallel with the Rotor-Gene Q real-time PCR instrument?

The Rotor-Gene Q instrument can be used with two different rotor formats: using tubes or rotor-dics. Tubes can be run in 36 and 72-well rotors and rotor-discs in Rotor-Disc 72 and Rotor-Disc 100 rotors. When programming the temperature profile please make sure the correct rotor type is selected.  



FAQ ID -1519
Are Rotor-Gene Kits compatible with reaction setup using the QIAgility instrument?

The majority of the Rotor-Gene Kit data shown in our literature has been generated with the help of the QIAgility instrument. We did not observe any problems during the pipetting steps.


FAQ ID -2116
What are the main differences between Rotor-Gene and QuantiTect or QuantiFast PCR Kits?

Rotor-Gene Kits are specifically developed for the Rotor-Gene Q PCR Cycler. The unique rotary system of the cycler combined with the kits’ proprietary buffer system enable ultrafast cycling. Rotor-Gene Kits do not contain ROX dye since no normalization to a passive reference is required. Also, Rotor-Gene Kits do not contain dUTP; therefore, UNG pretreatment is not possible.


FAQ ID -2119