PAXgene 96 Blood RNA Kit



PAXgene 96 Blood RNA Kit (4)

Cat. No. / ID:  762331

4 PAXgene 96 RNA Plates, 4 PAXgene 96 Filter Plates, Buffers, Proteinase K, RNase-free DNase Sets, AirPore Tape Sheets, Collection Vessels. To be used in conjunction with PAXgene Blood RNA Tubes.
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PAXgene 96 Incubator Block

Cat. No. / ID:  9238279

Block for denaturation of eluates in PAXgene 96 procedures
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  • 同步纯化96个样品中的RNA
  • 标准化样品处理过程
  • 无需有机提取或沉淀
  • 纯化获得高品质胞内RNA

Product Details

PAXgene 96 Blood RNA Kit可手工操作高通量纯化胞内RNA。配合PAXgene Blood RNA Tubes(由BD提供,货号762165),系统提供了一个样本分析前处理的标准方案,包括从收集、稳定到RNA纯化的全过程,适用于高通量的临床试验和其他大规模研究课题。


PAXgene 96 Blood RNA Kit可高通量纯化人全血中的总RNA。配合PAXgene Blood RNA Tubes(BD提供,货号762165),提供从收集、稳定到纯化高品质RNA的完整分析前解决方案。灵敏的PAXgene 96 Blood RNA操作流程重复性好,2.5 ml人全血的一般产量为4–20 µg,将样本间的交叉污染风险降到最低。PAXgene Blood RNA Tubes提供的专有试剂可快速稳定RNA。这种试剂可阻止收集血液后在体外通常会发生的胞内RNA表达谱的剧烈变化(参见" RNA isolation from blood using standard methods"、" Stabilization of gene expression"和" Detection of tyrosinase following blood storage")。高通量步骤简单、快速、高效,平行处理96个样品可为您在临床实验研究中节约大量时间。
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在PAXgene 96 Blood RNA System中,血液被直接收集到PAXgene Blood RNA Tubes中,使用PAXgene 96 Blood RNA Kit纯化RNA。PAXgene Blood RNA Tubes的专有试剂,可快速稳定RNA。血液样本在PAXgene Blood RNA Tubes中可室温保存5天。然后使用PAXgene 96 Blood RNA Kit提供的硅胶膜技术纯化RNA。得到的RNA可准确代表体内表达谱,适用于多种下游应用。


血液样本(2.5 ml)收集在PAXgene Blood RNA Tubes(BD提供,货号762165)中,可在室温下保存或转移。在PAXgene 96 Blood RNA操作流程中,RNA的纯化开始于在PAXgene Blood RNA Tube中离心沉淀核酸。沉淀洗涤后加入蛋白酶K消化蛋白。加入乙醇调节结合条件。裂解液加入到PAXgene 96 Filter Plate中,离心去除细胞碎片。裂解液再加入到PAXgene 96 RNA Plate中(参见" PAXgene 96 Blood RNA procedure")。残留的DNA通过DNase I消化去除。剩余的污染物在3次有效的漂洗步骤中被去除,之后洗脱得到纯化的RNA。
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  • 核酸扩增技术,如RT-PCR和NASBA
  • Expression-array和expression-chip分析
  • 定量RT-PCR,包括TaqMan技术
  • cDNA合成
  • RNase和S1核酸酶保护
  • Northern印记、点印记和狭缝印记分析
  • 引物延伸

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ApplicationsPCR, real-time PCR, qPCR, NASBA, cDNA synthesis
Time per run or per prep<1.5 hours
Elution volume45–60 µl
Main sample typeWhole blood
Purification of total RNA, miRNA, poly A+ mRNA, DNA or proteinCellular RNA
Sample amount2.5 ml
CE/FDA/IVD compatibleResearch use only
Format96-well plate
TechnologySilica technology
ProcessingManual (centrifugation or vacuum)
Yield4–20 µg


产品介绍与指南 (4)
For collection, transport, and storage of whole blood and stabilization and purification of intracellular RNA


For high-throughput purification of cellular RNA from whole blood


安全数据表 (1)
Download Safety Data Sheets for QIAGEN product components.
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试剂盒操作手册 (1)
For isolation of cellular RNA from whole blood Important: To be used only in conjunction with PAXgene Blood RNA tubes
Safety Data Sheets (1)
Certificates of Analysis (1)
Brochures & Guides (3)
For high-throughput purification of cellular RNA from whole blood


For collection, transport, and storage of whole blood and stabilization and purification of intracellular RNA


Gene Expression Analysis (1)
Kit Handbooks (1)
For isolation of cellular RNA from whole blood Important: To be used only in conjunction with PAXgene Blood RNA tubes


Where can I find additional information for PreAnalytiX PAXgene products?
You can find additional information relating to the PreAnalytiX PAXgene products on the PreAnalytiX website .
FAQ ID - 3515
What kits does QIAGEN offer to extract RNA from whole blood?

Several kit options are available for this application. We recommend using the PAXgene Blood RNA System, which enables the collection, stabilization and transportation of 2.5 ml human whole blood samples, and subsequent rapid and efficient isolation of cellular RNA.

Other products for the isolation of RNA from whole human blood are the QIAamp RNA Blood Mini Kit and the RNeasy Midi Kit for processing up to 1.5 ml and 10 ml human whole blood, respectively.

FAQ ID -304
I accidentally stored Buffer RDD of the RNase-Free DNase Set at°C. Will it still function?
Yes, buffer RDD of the RNase-Free DNase Set will still work. Please make sure that the buffer is thawed completely without any precipitates before using it. If precipitates are visible, the buffer should be slightly heated.
How many PAXgene Blood RNA Tubes can be processed per PAXgene 96 Blood RNA Kit well plate?
The PAXgene 96 Blood RNA Kit well plate purification chemistry was designed to link to the PAXgene Blood RNA Tubes.  Therefore, one PAXgene Blood RNA Tube can be processed per well on the 96-well plate for 96 tubes total per plate.
FAQ ID -2485
Can the PAXgene 96 Blood RNA Kit be used for diagnostic or prognostic procedures?
No. The product is ‘For Research Use.’ Not for use in diagnostic procedures. No claim or representation is intended to provide information for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.
FAQ ID - 3471
What is the PAXgene 96 filter plate?
The PAXgene 96 filter plate is a special device that filters contaminants and generates a cleared lysate during centrifugation.
FAQ ID -2486
What additional equipment is needed to purify RNA using the PAXgene 96 Blood RNA Kit?

The PAXgene 96 Blood RNA Kit uses a combination of vacuum and centrifugation to isolate RNA. The vacuum manifold required is the QIAGEN QIAvac 96 vacuum manifold, catalog # 19504. The suggested centrifuge is manufactured by Sigma and sold by QIAGEN, catalog # 81010, as is the additional plate rotor for spinning 2 x 96 plates, catalog # 81031. Additionally, the final heating step of the protocol utilizes an alloy block, the PAXgene 96 Incubation block, catalog # 9238279. Please contact QIAGEN technical service ( for more information.

FAQ ID - 3474