QIAcuity Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) dPCR Assays

用于在 QIAcuity Digital PCR System 上以卓越的准确性、重复性和速度进行载体基因组滴定


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Cat. No. / ID:  250236

适用于 500x12 µl反应 (20x):QIAGEN 细胞和基因治疗 GFP 检测方案,与 QIAcuity dPCR 系统配套使用。
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bGH polyA
SV40 promoter
SV40 polyA
CMV promoter
hGH polyA
CMV enhancer
AMP resistance
dPCR CGT Assay GFP (FAM) 旨在用于分子生物学应用。该产品不能用于疾病诊断、预防和治疗。

✓ 24/7 automatic processing of online orders

✓ Knowledgeable and professional Product & Technical Support

✓ Fast and reliable (re)-ordering


  • 广泛提供经过湿性实验室验证的十种不同 dPCR CGT 检测
  • 凭借具有不同荧光基团选择的检测,可进行多重检测以证实来自一个样本的更多信息
  • 与 qPCR 类似的简单快捷工作流

Product Details

腺相关病毒 (adeno-associated virus, AAV) 是在基因治疗应用中广泛使用的病毒载体。然而,病毒载体的生产和纯化需要严格的质量控制,以确保临床研究或患者治疗期间给药的安全性和可靠性。为确保基于 AAV 的基因治疗安全且有效,准确定量载体滴度和检测污染的能力至关重要。


QIAcuity Cell and Gene Therapy dPCR Assays 可广泛提供经过湿性实验室验证的十种不同 dPCR CGT 检测,具备多种荧光基团,能够以卓越的准确性、重复性和至少 4 个数量级的动态范围在多重体系构建中快速测量病毒滴度。这些检测与 QIAcuity Digital PCR SystemQIAcuity Probe PCR KitQIAcuity Nanoplate 配套使用时,不仅可提供与 qPCR 类似的端到端 dPCR 工作流,还能够对样本中 AAV 载体基因组拷贝进行绝对定量。这些检测在设计时考虑到了生物制药和质量控制 (QC) 的要求。


有关纳米板中 dPCR 反应的原理说明,请参见这里

专用 CGT 检测可在 QIAcuity 上实现 AAV 定量。这些检测经过验证,并且可用于单一 和多重反应,还 可与关注的基因检测结合使用,提供:

  • 低至 0.3 拷贝/µl 的准确定量
  • 宽动态范围内的高精度
  • 在不同检测(独立于荧光基团)和操作员之间的高准确度
  • 不依赖于荧光基团和操作员的高精度(与平均值的偏差 <10%)
  • dPCR 和 qPCR 读数的兼容性


QIAcuity Cell and Gene Therapy dPCR Assays 以 20x 即用型引物-探针混合物形式提供,具有多种荧光基团可供选择,并经过优化,用于与 QIAcuity Probe PCR Kit 配套使用。这些检测可实现单一和多重 CGT 应用,包括对载体滴度进行绝对定量和检测稳健性。


QIAcuity Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) dPCR Assays 适用于多种应用,包括病毒载体滴度测量、载体基因组完整性测量以及确定潜在的质粒污染(如果使用 Amp 质粒生产 AAV)。将这些 dPCR CGT Assays 纳入基因治疗开发的质量控制过程意味着可为生产出安全高效的治疗方法带来更大的确定性。

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Do I need to use restriction enzymes when quantifying AAV genomes?

In some cases, it is recommended to perform a digest with compatible restriction enzymes. For example, when quantifying ITRs, the strong secondary structure of the terminal repeats might affect titration. Compatible restriction enzymes are indicated in the corresponding data sheets of the CGT dPCR assays.

FAQ ID - 3866
How can I resuspend the lyophilized assay?

Please resuspend the lyophilized assays in 330 µl TE buffer to obtain a 20× stock. Additional information can be found in the QSP and the data sheets.

FAQ ID - 3864
Do you have any recommendations on how to process my AAV samples?

To ensure consistent and reproducible measurements of viral titers, we recommend the CGT Viral Vector Lysis Kit (cat. no. 250272/250273). It has been optimized to work in conjuction with the QIAcuity Cell and Gene Therapy dPCR Assays and the QIAcuity Probe PCR Kit on the QIAcuity instruments as part of a standardized and complete viral vector titer workflow.

FAQ ID - 3860
Are the assays also compatible with qPCR?

Yes. The assays can also be used for vector genome titration in a qPCR.

FAQ ID - 3871
Can I use the CGT dPCR assays for the titer determination of RNA viruses?

Yes, you can. cDNA would be used in this case for quantification.

FAQ ID - 3869
In which channels can you detect the CGT dPCR assays?

Most of the assays are offered with a FAM, HEX, or Cy5 fluorophore, and can be detected in the Green, Yellow, or Crimson channel, respectively. SV40 poly A, hGH poly A, and Amp resistance assays are only available with a FAM or HEX fluorophore.

FAQ ID - 3863
How do I know if the assays are compatible with the sample DNA of interest?

An extended sequence context for each assay is provided in the corresponding data sheet. 

FAQ ID - 3870
Can they be used with lentiviral vectors?

Yes. The assays can also be used with lentiviral vectors. However, lentiviral vectors have an RNA genome. cDNA synthesis is crucial before performing the PCR for titer quantification.

FAQ ID - 3872
What quenchers are used?

The probes are double quenched with ZEN/TAO and IOWA black quenchers.

FAQ ID - 3865
Can I combine your CGT dPCR assays with custom designed assays?

Yes, the CGT dPCR assays can be used in singleplex and multiplex reactions. Custom designed assays can be added into a multiplex reaction according to customer needs.

FAQ ID - 3861
Can the CGT dPCR assays also be used for the analysis of AAV genome integrity?

Yes. When multiplexing different targets, it is possible to get additional information on genome integrity using the “Multiple occupancy” analysis in the QIAcuity Software Suite.

FAQ ID - 3867
Can the CGT dPCR assays also be used for the quantification of non-AAV samples?

Yes. They can be used as long as the assays match the region of interest.

FAQ ID - 3868
How many assays can be multiplexed?

Two to five assays can be combined into a multiplex reaction depending on the QIAcuity Digital PCR platform, hence the 2-plex or 5-plex instruments.

FAQ ID - 3862