QuickLyse Miniprep Kit

超快速纯化至多15 μg测序级别纯的质粒DNA


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QuickLyse Miniprep Kit (250)

Cat. No. / ID:  27406

250 QuickLyse Spin Columns, Reagents, Buffers, Lysis and Collection Tubes (2 ml)
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QuickLyse Miniprep Kit 旨在用于分子生物学应用。该产品不能用于疾病诊断、预防和治疗。

✓ 24/7 automatic processing of online orders

✓ Knowledgeable and professional Product & Technical Support

✓ Fast and reliable (re)-ordering


  • 快速的一步裂解
  • 减少手动操作时间和实验步骤
  • 1.5–3 ml菌液至多可获得15 μg DNA
  • 9分钟可获得即用型质粒DNA

Product Details

QuickLyse Miniprep Kit为提取测序级别的质粒DNA提供了一个以快速离心柱为基础的方法。在单一的缓冲液中,细菌细胞重悬、溶解,同时与DNA结合,使得在较短的操作时间内快速纯化DNA。


QIAGEN QuickLyse Miniprep Kit采用一步裂解技术,可以超速制备至多15 µg质粒DNA。DNA的质量确保了其在下游应用中的良好表现,如测序、限制性分析和克隆(参见" Reproducible yields")。

QuickLyse Miniprep Kit纯化的足量质粒DNA,可以用于任何的下游应用,包括测序(参见 " Long read-lengths in automated sequencing")。从1.5 ml的细菌培养液中至多获得15 µg的高拷贝质粒DNA(参见 " High yields of high-quality plasmid DNA")。纯化得到的质粒DNA有1.7–1.9的OD260/280 比率,表明其质量和纯度适合多种敏感应用。而且很容易获得超过700个单位的读取长度。

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不同于大多数方案需要3步裂解程序,QuickLyse Miniprep Kit将细菌细胞裂解的酶和渗透压处理步骤融合到一个3分钟步骤中。此外,QuickLyse技术使用很少量的缓冲溶液、简化操作并且节约大量时间:可以在22分钟内获得24份小量纯化的质粒DNA。


重悬浮和裂解的细菌细胞和DNA结合在单一的缓冲溶液中,使得DNA在短时间内得到快速纯化。在3分钟的裂解步骤后,澄清的裂解产物直接加入到QuickLyse Spin Column中。质粒DNA结合在离心柱膜上,然后用简单的清洗步骤洗脱。(参见" QuickLyse procedure")。得到的DNA可以直接运用在标准的应用中,包括自动测序、PCR、限制性分析和克隆。
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QuickLyse Miniprep Kit产生足量的质粒DNA用于多种的下游应用,包括自动测序。

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ApplicationsAutomated sequencing, PCR, restriction analysis, cloning etc.
Time per run or prep per run9 min
Culture volume/starting material1.5 ml culture volume
Plasmid typeHigh-copy, cosmid DNA
Elution volume50 µl
Samples per run (throughput)1–24 samples per run
TechnologyQuickLyse technology
Yield3–7 µg
ProcessingManual (centrifugation)


试剂盒操作手册 (1)
For purification of sequencing grade plasmid DNA
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For purification of sequencing grade plasmid DNA


What is the largest plasmid size that can be purified using the QuickLyse Miniprep Kit?

The QuickLyse Miniprep Kit can be used for plasmids up to 9 kb in size. It is not recommended for Large-Construct purifications.

Please find an overview of additional kit options for small-scale Plasmid Purification on the QIAGEN website, or use our ProductFinder to select the right kit for your needs.



FAQ ID -1752
3311 - Can QuickLyse miniprep kits be used with QIAVac 24 Plus?
No, this is not possible since the columns do not fit properly on the QIAVac 24 Plus manifold and the vacuum is not strong enough.
What volume of bacterial culture can be processed using the QuickLyse Miniprep Kit?

Normally, 1.5 ml bacterial culture is used with the QuickLyse Miniprep Kit. Only if the OD600 is < 2.0, up to 3 ml culture may be used. Growth in LB medium is strongly recommended. Growth in nutrient-rich media, such as 2xYT, is not recommended.


FAQ ID -1357
How can I increase the DNA yield from low-copy plasmids using the QuickLyse Miniprep Kit?

When using the QuickLyse Miniprep Kit, the addition of 125 µl isopropanol to the lysate, prior to transferring it to the QuickLyse Spin Column, may increase plasmid DNA yield in some cases.


FAQ ID -1354
Can the bacterial pellet in the QuickLyse Miniprep procedure be resuspended by pipetting up and down or shortening the vortexing time?

No. Vortexing for 30 seconds as described in the QuickLyse Miniprep Handbook is absolutely critical to resuspend and lyse the bacterial cells. Failure to follow this step will result in greatly reduced DNA yields.


FAQ ID -1352
What is the composition of elution buffer QLE in the QuickLyse Miniprep Kit?

Elution Buffer QLE of the QuickLyse Miniprep Kit contains 10 mM Tris-Cl and 0.1 mM EDTA (pH 8.5). Due to the very low concentration of EDTA, enzymatic downstream reactions such as PCR and cycle sequencing are not inhibited.


FAQ ID -1356
Is it possible to elute plasmid DNA obtained with the QuickLyse Miniprep Kit in nuclease-free water?

Yes, nuclease-free water may be used for the elution of plasmid DNA purified with the QuickLyse Miniprep Kit. However, for higher DNA stability and optimal yields, it is recommend to elute using the provided elution buffer (Buffer QLE).


FAQ ID -1355