QIAamp MinElute Media Kit



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QIAamp MinElute Media Kit

Cat. No. / ID:  57414

For 50 minipreps: 50 QIAamp MinElute Columns, QIAGEN Proteinase K, Carrier RNA, Buffers, Extension Tubes (3 ml), Collection Tubes (1.5 ml)
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QIAamp MinElute Media Kit 旨在用于分子生物学应用。该产品不能用于疾病诊断、预防和治疗。

✓ 24/7 automatic processing of online orders

✓ Knowledgeable and professional Product & Technical Support

✓ Fast and reliable (re)-ordering


  • 从多种液体培养基中纯化DNA
  • 易于操作使用的真空流程,节省时间
  • 20–150 µl的灵活洗脱体积
  • 高效洗脱乙醇或其他污染物,制备高品质DNA

Product Details

QIAamp MinElute Media Kit使用简便的真空流程从子宫拭子培养基等液体培养基中纯化核酸。可在QIAvac 24 Plus真空装置上快速操作QIAamp MinElute柱。QIAamp MinElute Media Kit可在QIAcube全自动核酸纯化仪上自动纯化DNA。


QIAamp MinElute Media Kit在90分钟内即可处理250 µl的液体转移培养基和贮存培养基样本。在QIAvac 24或QIAvac 24 Plus真空装置上使用QIAamp MinElute柱每批次可处理24个样本,DNA洗脱体积为20–150 µl 。


QIAamp MinElute Media Kit使用成熟的技术纯化核酸。该试剂盒的硅胶膜具有选择性结合的特性和20–150 µl的灵活洗脱体积,用于含有核酸的液体培养基,如子宫拭子培养基(如:PreservCyt 或 SurePath solution)。用Buffer AVE洗脱的核酸即时可用于扩增反应或贮存。纯化的核酸不含蛋白质、核酸酶和其他杂质。


QIAamp MinElute Media流程包括4步(裂解、结合、洗涤和洗脱),在QIAvac 24 Plus真空装置上使用QIAamp MinElute柱进行操作。此流程可确保无样本间的交叉污染,对易污染样本的手动操作安全可靠。简便的QIAamp MinElute流程高度适用于同时处理多个样本,90分钟内即可从24个样本中制备纯的核酸。


QIAamp MinElute Media Kit用于从子宫拭子培养基等液体培养基中纯化DNA。该试剂盒可从多种培养基中纯化细胞、细菌和病毒核酸,包括:

  • 含有乙醇的液体细胞培养基(如:PreservCyt或SurePath)
  • 磷酸缓冲液体转运培养基(如:M4RT)


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I received a kit containing the MinElute columns; however, they were left out for a while and not stored at 2–8°C upon receipt. Can I still use them?

The MinElute spin columns included in the following kits should be stored at 2–8°C upon arrival: AllPrep DNA/RNA Micro, EpiTect Fast DNA Bisulfite, EpiTect Fast FFPE Bisulfite, EpiTect Fast LyseAll Bisulfite, EpiTect Plus DNA Bisulfite, EpiTect Plus FFPE Bisulfite, EpiTect Plus LyseAll Bisulfite, exoRNeasy Serum/plasma Maxi, exoRNeasy Serum/Plasma Midi, GeneRead DNA FFPE, GeneRead rRNA Depletion, GeneRead Size Selection, MinElute Gel Extraction, MinElute PCR Purification, MinElute Reaction Cleanup, miRNeasy FFPE, miRNeasy Micro, miRNeasy Serum/Plasma, QIAamp DNA FFPE, QIAamp DNA Investigator, QIAamp DNA Micro, QIAamp MinElute Media, QIAamp MinElute Virus Spin, QIAamp MinElute Virus Vacuum, RNeasy FFPE, RNeasy Micro, RNeasy Plus Micro.

Short-term storage (up to 4 weeks) at room temperature (15–25°C) does not affect the performance. However, for optimal performance and quality, storage temperature should not exceed 25°C.

FAQ ID - 3560
What is the difference between QIAGEN Protease and QIAGEN Proteinase K provided in various QIAamp Kits?

QIAGEN Proteinase K is a subtilisin-type protease, which cleaves at the carboxyl side of hydrophobic, aliphatic and aromatic amino acids. It is particularly suitable for short digestion times. It possesses a high specific activity over a wide range of temperatures and pH values with substantially increased activity at higher temperature. Soluble calcium is not essential for enzymatic activity. This means that EDTA, which is used to inhibit Mg2+-dependent enzymes such as nucleases, will not inhibit Proteinase K activity.

QIAGEN Protease is a broad-specificity Serine protease with high activity, cleaving preferentially at neutral and acidic residues. It is an economical alternative to Proteinase K for isolation of native DNA and RNA from a variety of samples.

FAQ ID -761
What can be used as an alternative to the A260 measurement for quantification of small amounts of RNA and DNA?

Small amounts of RNA and DNA may be difficult to measure spectrophotometrically. Fluorometric measurements, or quantitative RT-PCR and PCR are more sensitive and accurate methods to quantify low amounts of RNA or DNA.

Fluorometric measurements are carried out using nucleic acid binding dyes, such as RiboGreen® RNA Quantitation Reagent for RNA, and PicoGreen® DNA Quantitation Reagent for DNA (Molecular Probes, Inc.).

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