TransFect Protocol Database

The TransFect Protocol Database is an invaluable resource for transfection experiments which provides transfection protocols for specific cell types and plate formats. This saves you the time and effort of adapting existing protocols to fit your requirements. Simply select the cell type, nucleic acid, and culture format to receive a QIAGEN transfection protocol to print out or download in convenient PDF format.

QIAGEN Protocols

Two types of protocol are provided in the TransFect Protocol Database: protocols based on wet-lab experiments or protocols based on standard paramaters. The protocol type is indicated immediately under the title of the protocol.
Protocols based on wet-lab experiments have provided successful results when used by QIAGEN scientists for transfection of the cell type. As cells are inherently variable, some optimization of the protocol may be necessary to achieve maximum transfection efficiency. Protocols based on standard parameters have provided successful results when used with a variety of similar cell types. These protocols have not been tested with the cell type of interest and for this reason, further optimization is recommended to achieve maximum transfection efficiency.

Results from other researchers

To view transfection results from many different cell types provided by researchers, visit the Transfection Cell Database.

Transfection protocol

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