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Only a fraction of the genes in a cell are expressed at any one time. Understanding the gene expression profile characteristic of different cell types or tissues, at various developmental stages or under different conditions, is imperative to understand how these different expression products determine the growth and health of an organism.

The new Q-Rex Gene Expression Plug-in, for use with Q-Rex Software on the Rotor-Gene Q, allows you to perform relative quantitation analyses, based on the comparative CT method (2-ΔΔCT) described by Livak and Schmittgen*.

The Q-Rex Gene Expression Plug-in provides:
  • Clear visualization of raw data and normalized data fluorescence plots
  • Relative quantity plots display relative gene expression levels in analyzed samples
  • Definition of sample groups ensure higher confidence
  • Cross-talk compensation for optimal multiplexing performance and maximum flexibility of dye selection
  • rdml-export option for compliance with MIQE guidelines

* Livak, K.J. and Schmittgen, T.D. (2001) Analysis of relative gene expression data using realtime quantitative PCR and the 2^[-delta delta C(T)] method. Methods 25, 402.
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For use with Q-Rex Software version 1.0 to perform relative quantitation analyses
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For use with Rotor-Gene Q instruments and Q-Rex Software version 1.1
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New Gene Expression Analysis Plug-in for the Q-Rex Software
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