Q-Rex Absolute Quantification HID Plug-in 1.0.0

For outstanding optical and thermal performance for high-quality results on the Rotor-Gene Q
The Q-Rex Absolute Quantification HID Plug-in of the Q-Rex software for the Rotor-Gene Q calculates the absolute concentration of targets in experimental samples using the amplification curves of samples of known concentration to establish a standard. The automatic threshold function scans all possible threshold levels until the best fit is found for the standard curve. The threshold can also be set manually.

  • Calculate absolute concentration based on standards optimized for HID kits
  • Clearly visualize raw data, normalized data and standard curve plots
  • Export your data for further Evaluation

For use with the following kits:

  • Investigator Quantiplex Kit
  • Investigator Quantiplex HYres Kit
  • Investigator Quantiplex Pro RGQ Kit
  • Main Image Navi


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Software User Guides
For use with Rotor-Gene Q instruments and Q-Rex Software version 1.1
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For use with Q-Rex Software version 1.0 to calculate absolute concentration of targets by PCR. This user manual provides information about the functions and features of the Q-Rex Absolute Quantification HID plug-in.
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Technical Information
For confirmation of software integrity during download and file transfer
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Analysis Software
For use with the Q-Rex Software v1.0 to calculate absolute concentration of targets by PCR. The plug-in is dedicated to our customers working with absolute quantification HID experiments.
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