Are the new EZ1 RNA Kits (cat. no. 958034; 959034; 956034) compatible with the previous EZ1 RNA Card (cat. no. 9015590) or EZ1 RNA Universal Tissue Card (cat. no 9016384)?

No, the new EZ1 RNA Kits can only be used with updated protocols programmed on the new EZ1 RNA Card V2.0.

The new card contains all protocols available for the isolation of RNA on the BioRobot EZ1 with the new kits:

Likewise, the former EZ1 RNA Cell Mini Kit (cat. no. 958134), EZ1 RNA Tissue Mini Kit (cat. no. 959134) and EZ1 RNA Universal Tissue Kit (cat. no. 956136) are not compatible with the new EZ1 RNA Card (cat. no. 9015590).


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