What epitopes do the Anti-His Conjugates and Anti-His Antibodies recognize?

The table below lists the epitopes recognized by the Anti-His Conjugates and Anti-His Antibodies. 'H' designates a histidine residue, while 'X' designates any amino acid other than histidine. Note that individual 6xHis-tagged proteins are often recognized better by one Anti-His Antibody than by the others, possibly because of subtle differences in the exact conformation of the 6xHis tag and other parts of the protein in the vicinity of the tag. To choose the optimal antibody for your specific 6xHis-tagged protein and application, QIAGEN offers the Anti-His Antibody Selector Kit. The kit includes 3 µg of each of the three antibodies for direct comparison and economical selection of the one that gives the best results.

Epitopes recognized by QIAexpress Anti-His HRP Conjugates and Anti-His Antibodies

Peptide Penta-His Tetra-His RGS-His
+ +
+ +
+ +
+ + +

Note that the presence of specific residues N- or C-terminal to the epitope is not required.


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