GeneRead DNA Library Q Kit

Automated and streamlined to save time


  • Affordable automation reducing hands-on time by up to 75%
  • Minimal input material of only 4ng needed
  • Experimentally verified with the entire Sample-to-Insight GeneReader NGS workflow
  • Can be paired with the QIAxcel for size-determination to further reduce hand-on time

Product Details

DNA library construction is a critical step in the NGS workflow as library DNA must be of sufficient yield and quality to generate accurate sequencing data.

The GeneRead Library DNA Q Kit has been specifically designed and optimized to produce high-quality libraries for the QIAGEN GeneReader instrument. Our library construction solution allows you to start from as little as 4ng of input material, while minimizing hands-on time through affordable automation on the QIAcube Connect. Further reduction in hands-on time can also be achieved by subsequent automation of size determination on the pre-verified QIAxcel capillary gel-electrophoresis platform


Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is a driving force for numerous new and exciting applications, including cancer research, stem cell research, metagenomics, population genetics and medical research. While NGS technology is continuously improving, library preparation remains one of the biggest bottlenecks in the NGS workflow and includes several time-consuming steps that can result in considerable sample loss and potential introduction of handling errors. The GeneRead DNA Library Q Kit uses a streamlined, optimized one-tube protocol, saving time and preventing handling errors. Optimized enzyme and buffer compositions ensure high yields of sequencing library, ready for use on the GeneReader.
GeneRead library construction protocols are designed to enable straightforward automation on the QIAcube.


The GeneRead DNA Library Q Kit provides a fast, automated (or manual single tube) procedure for library construction from PCR-enriched DNA samples.
Following determination of DNA concentration, the ends of the DNA fragments are repaired and adapters, which are necessary for sequencing template preparation and sequencing steps, are ligated to both ends of the DNA fragments. The bar code adapters supplied with the kit (Adapter Q BC1–BC12) contain a unique identifying 6 bp bar code sequence, and are used in combination with Universal Adapter Q to allow analysis of multiple DNA libraries in one GeneReader sequencing run. Unincorporated adapters or adapter dimers are depleted from the samples by simple, easy and precise silica-based size separation using the MinElute spin column. To ensure maximum yields from minimum amounts of starting material, an additional amplification step is performed.
Automated library construction

Due to the highly streamlined, one-tube protocol and unique column-based size selection to remove adapters and adapter dimers, GeneRead DNA Library preparation protocols can be automated on the QIAcube. The innovative QIAcube uses advanced technology to process QIAGEN spin columns, enabling seamless integration of automated sample prep into your laboratory workflow for up to 12 samples.
Additionally, the QIAcube is preinstalled with protocols for purification of plasmid DNA, genomic DNA, RNA, viral nucleic acids, plus DNA and RNA cleanup, and serves as an optimal platform to automate pre-analytic NGS sample and library preparations. The range of protocols available is continually expanding, and additional QIAGEN protocols can be downloaded free of charge at


The GeneRead DNA Library Q Kit is designed to generate high yields of sequencing library, ready for use on the GeneReader.


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