November 5-6, 2020

QIAGEN Cancer Research Virtual Event

Cell-free DNA  ̶  from biomarker research to personalized medicine

We are proud to host QIAGEN's Cancer Research Virtual Event as part of our global fight against cancer and hope you will join us for talks and live discussions on the different aspects of cell-free DNA analysis. The registration is now open (and will remain so until the day of the event).

On November 5-6, 2020, we invite you to visit us virtually at QIAGEN and to meet the cancer research community without leaving your desktop. Listen to talks from well-known cancer scientists and engage in live conversations with them. Benefit from the knowledge of QIAGEN's experts during the Ask-Me-Anything sessions and get helpful tips and advice regarding cfDNA sample collection, stabilization and preparation, next-generation sequencing, digital PCR and data analysis.  

Simply register free of charge; you will receive a confirmation email to set up your event password.

On November 5-6, 2020, you just need to log in and step into the QIAGEN world to engage and learn.

Here's a sneak peek of what you'll experience:

Expert science talks from well-known scientists:
  • Dr. Ellen Heitzer from the Institute of Human Genetics, Medical University Graz, Austria, will talk about cell-free DNA analysis – status and outlook.
  • Dr. M. Fleischhacker from the DRK Kliniken Berlin | Mitte, Germany, will speak about Liquid profiling for taking care of patients – still a controversial issue?
  • Dr. Uwe Oelmueller; SPIDIA4P Coordinator, QIAGEN GmbH will present the topic of Standardized Preanalytics: The key for reliable Diagnostics, Research and Biobanking
  • Dr. Amin El- Heliebi, Center for Biomarker Research at the Medical University Graz, Austria, will discuss Liquid biopsy workflows to analyze stabilized cell-free nucleic acids
Ask-Me-Anything sessions

We invite you to join us for Ask-Me-Anything sessions with QIAGEN scientists to review the complete cfDNA workflow, from sample collection to analysis. Three sessions will take place for a focused discussion of various steps.

  • cfDNA collection / stabilization & sample preparation
    Panelists: Dr. Martin Schlumpberger, Dr. Alexander Wolf, Dr. Thorsten Voss, Raphael Werding
  • cfDNA NGS (SNV, CNV, Methyl Markers) & data analysis
    Panelists: Dr. Markus Storbeck, Dr. Peter Hahn, Dr. Ioanna Andreou, Dr. Leif Schauser, Raphael Werding
  • cfDNA Digital PCR
    Panelists: Dr. Andreas Missel, Dr. Oezlem Karalay, Dr. Michael Bussmann, Dr. Gerald Schock

 Send your questions to conquercancer@qiagen.com

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Scheduling conflict? Don't worry! Register now and you'll receive a link to view on-demand recordings that will be available after the event and until November 11, 2020. We look forward to you joining us.