Webinar - Test and Treat
TB Management

Expert panel – Reaching TB elimination targets

Join us for an expert panel discussion as we explore the importance of testing and treating TB infection in high TB settings.

Dr. Davide Manissero and a panel of four global experts will address the ongoing negative impact of COVID-19 - including our failure to meet UN and WHO commitments towards ending TB.

The panel will identify key challenges in TB control and diagnostic testing. They will also explore new ways to turn today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities.

Recommit to care and reinvest in TB
Four global experts discuss TB management in high burden countries.
  • Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated emergency measures on TB services worldwide
  • UNHLM and EndTB/Sustainable Development goals – where do we stand?
  • Key challenges and obstacles that communities, medical personnel and stakeholders
  • Urgent need for new diagnostics for low income/high TB burden settings
  • Approaches to turn today’s challenges into tomorrow opportunities
  • Country-specific initiatives and best practices in TB control
  • Dr. Davide Manissero, CHAIR
    Dr. Manissero is Chief Medical Officer – Infection and Immune Diagnostics, QIAGEN, and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Public Health at the University College of London. His experience spans from diagnostic to drug development, and he has held senior public health positions at the WHO and European CDC.
  • Dr. Kwame Shanaube, MBCHB, MPH, PHD
    Dr. Shanaube is a clinical epidemiologist, currently serving as the deputy Director of Research at Zambart and as an honorary lecturer at the University of Zambia School of Public Health. Her research interests cover a wide range of disciplines from TB/HIV epidemiology, community-based cluster randomized trials, operational research through evaluation of field diagnostics to adolescent health. Over the past 17 years she has been involved in a number of studies reflecting these areas. Dr. Shanaube’s research interest also includes TB infection epidemiology, diagnosis and prevention in PLWH. She is currently the country PI for a large TB consortium (TREATS Project) and the site PI of a multi-country, epidemiologic study to assess the IGRA positivity, and to build capacity to conduct a TB vaccine efficacy study.
    Dr. Kwame Shanaube World TB-Day 2022
  • Dr. James Seddon
    Dr. Seddon is a Reader in Global Child Health at Imperial College London, an Associate Professor at Stellenbosch University, and a Consultant in Paediatric Infectious Diseases at St. Mary’s Hospital in London. His major area of research is that of children with TB, and he works on TB diagnostics, TB therapeutics, drug-resistant TB, TB meningitis, adolescent TB, TB burden modelling and the evaluation of TB biomarkers. James studied medicine at Cambridge University and Imperial College London and has trained in paediatric infectious diseases at centres of excellence in the United Kingdom, with extensive clinical experience in resource poor settings.
    Dr. James Seddon World TB Day 2022
  • Dr. Aamir Khan
    Dr. Khan is a medical epidemiologist and social entrepreneur based in Singapore. He has trained in medicine at the Aga Khan University in Karachi and has a PhD in international health from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Dr. Khan co-founded Interactive Research and Development (IRD), a Singapore-based not-for-profit committed to improving global health and development through process and technology innovations. He has led large scale service delivery grants from Global Fund for diagnosing, treating, and preventing TB, HIV and Malaria. His research currently focuses on lung health and immunizations, and sustainable models of free and low-cost health care. Dr. Khan also leads several healthcare enterprises as founder/CEO of Alcela (Singapore) and co-founder/director of Interactive Health Solutions (Singapore) and Community Health Solutions (Karachi).
    Dr Aamir Khan
  • Dr. Seif Salem Al-Abri
    Dr. Seif Salem Al-Abri studied medicine at Sultan Qaboos University in Oman and qualified in 1993. He has done his training in Infectious diseases in Liverpool in the UK. He is a practicing consultant in Infectious Diseases at the Royal Hospital, and he was appointed in 2014 as the Director General for Disease Surveillance and Control at the Ministry of Health of Oman. He is the National Focal Point of IHR for Oman and is currently leading the national technical team for COVID-19 response. He was a member of the IHR Review Committee that was convened by the WHO Director General. He is also currently a member of the governing council of the National University of Science and Technology and he is an associate editor of several medical journals.
    Dr Seif Salem
  • Dr. Davide Manissero
    Dr. Davide Manissero, CHAIR
  • Dr. Kwame Shanaube World TB-Day 2022
    Dr. Kwame Shanaube, MBCHB, MPH, PHD
  • Dr. James Seddon World TB Day 2022
    Dr. James Seddon
  • Dr Aamir Khan
    Dr. Aamir Khan
  • Dr Seif Salem
    Dr. Seif Salem Al-Abri