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Gene expression is based on the quantification of corresponding mRNA or lncRNA, which is crucial for various fields, including cancer and disease research and biomarker identification. For the quantification of known targets, reverse transcription qPCR (RT-qPCR) remains the gold standard method, providing fast analysis of just a few or many genes.

mRNA expression profiling involves measuring the levels of messenger RNA (mRNA) to understand gene expression patterns, while miRNA profiling focuses on the quantification of microRNAs (miRNAs), which regulate gene expression. Both techniques are essential for gaining knowledge of cellular processes and disease mechanisms. Our gene expression products enable sensitive quantification of any type of RNA or transcript abundance, delivering unbiased gene expression profiles.

QuantiNova is compromise free

QuantiNova is compromise free

QuantiNova is one of the most advanced portfolios of real-time PCR and RT-PCR kits available for gene expression analysis. A unique combination of in-process controls removes variables and minimizes human error, so your experiments are bound to work.

Simple and fast procedures increase your efficiency, saving you time and money. Plus, flexibility in detection chemistry, one- or two-step workflow, multiplexing and real-time cycler compatibility mean there’s no need to compromise.

Process controls and features increase your success

Ultrafast one- or two-step RT-PCR procedure

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Get the best of three worlds with QuantiNova LNA PCR

We enhanced our top-notch qPCR assay and signaling pathway panel designs with locked nucleic acid (LNA) technology and then optimized them for use with our time-tested QuantiNova PCR chemistry. The resulting QuantiNova LNA PCR and QuantiNova LNA Probe PCR systems offer unprecedented options for your PCR-based mRNA/lncRNA expression analyses.

Choose from the broadest coverage of predesigned human, mouse and rat assays and focus panels, with the option to customize your own assay or panel using our advanced design algorithms. Use with the QuantiNova SYBR Green or QuantiNova Probe PCR reagents and get robust and reproducible results in just 2 hours.

QuantiNova LNA Probe

What you need to get started

Both systems use a universal reverse transcription kit (1). Each system has its own dedicated PCR mastermix (2), which is combined with your choice of predesigned or custom assays or panels (4).

The top benefits of QuantiNova LNA PCR

QuantiNova LNA PCR by the numbers

Optimal analysis of any mRNA/lncRNA

Optimal analysis of any mRNA/lncRNA

Our advanced design algorithm removes the guesswork from assay design. Choose from over 2.6 million predesigned assays or use the intuitive custom builder to create assays for novel mRNA and lncRNA transcripts not yet annotated in Ensembl.

Assays are intron-spanning, when possible, to eliminate the risk of genomic DNA amplification and cover all analysis needs: general transcript detection, detection of a specific transcript and isoform differentiation.

Plus, the same algorithm is used for mRNA and lncRNA assays, so they can be used in combination, and in silico validation against stringent performance criteria guarantees analysis success.

All assays can be easily ordered online through GeneGlobe.

Study the relevant targets for relevant results

Expert-curated biological content

QuantiNova LNA PCR (and Probe PCR) Panels represent the largest collection of predesigned pathway- and application-specific human, mouse and rat PCR arrays available on the market.

Each panel’s comprehensive list of genes was compiled through a systematic process of literature surveys, database searches, expert review and user feedback. The resulting knowledge-based designs combine the benefits of hypothesis-driven and discovery-based research, allowing you to answer highly specific research questions while saving time, effort and resources.

Each cataloged panel includes five housekeeping reference genes and a set of proprietary controls to monitor genomic DNA contamination, first strand synthesis and real-time PCR efficiency.

All panels can be easily ordered online through GeneGlobe.


Efficient and uniform PCR amplification

The QuantiNova LNA PCR systems are enhanced with LNA. The LNA bases increase primer binding affinity, so we can design very short primers and probes, which are more flexible to place on the target. This makes it easier to achieve the optimal assay to detect and differentiate individual transcripts, isoforms, single nucleotide mismatches or splice variants with minimal non-specific amplification or primer-dimer formation.

Plus, varying the number of LNA bases lets us normalize the Tm so that all primers on a panel have the optimal Tm for the specified conditions and provide uniform amplification, regardless of the target GC content.

Fast workflow for all sample types, including tissues, cells, exosomes and FFPE samples

The RT and PCR kits, assays and panels listed below can be used with both QIAGEN and third-party reagents. However, for a pre-optimized workflow, we recommend the QuantiNova LNA PCR System or the QuantiNova LNA Probe PCR System. These systems have been optimized by our scientists so that the chemistry and assays/panels work well together to give you fast and accurate RT-qPCR results. The QuantiNova LNA PCR and Probe PCR Assays and Panels are only intended for singleplex reactions.
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Raise your qPCR workflow to the next level

It is increasingly challenging to find the right real-time PCR cycler for your laboratory’s application requirements. For best results, you need low operating costs, high throughput, the ability to multiplex with fast analysis times and reliable reproducibility. As the list of features and specifications grows, an understanding of some of the key performance benefits such as precision, uniformity, dynamic range and resolution becomes critical.

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GeneGlobe Design & Analysis Hub

Get quick insights from your qPCR results

Our qPCR data analysis software tools give you quick insights from data generated with QIAGEN qPCR assays and panels. These web-based analysis pipelines guide you step-by-step through data normalization and analysis and generation of publication-ready results figures.

The analysis tools are complimentary and can be accessed in GeneGlobe using your My QIAGEN account credentials.

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