QIAcube Connect – redefining automated sample processing

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Bar code reader

By scanning the 2D bar code on a QIAGEN kit box using the scanner, the kit information is transferred to the QIAcube Connect. Manual selection of the kit is not required.


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QIAsphere App

Increase lab productivity by monitoring your instruments from a distance. Get push notifications on instrument status so you can respond faster when needed. Manage instruments and users even from outside the lab and maximize instrument usage. Do all these by connecting your instrument to the QIAsphere App.

Virtual Prep

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With over 3000 protocols available, over 80 QIAGEN spin-column kits can be automated. This virtual prep demonstrates sample processing with QIAcube Connect.

You can select sample type, kit and starting material. The touchscreen displays the selected protocol and guides you through the instrument setup step-by-step.

Virtual Prep

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Load Check

The load check starts – the optical sensor checks the number and position of the loaded samples, and ensures that the correct number of rotor adaptors are loaded and positioned properly.

The ultrasonic sensor then checks that there is sufficient buffer for the protocol.

Finally, the optical sensor checks that the correct tip type and a sufficient number of tips is loaded. The QIAcube Connect will now start the protocol.

Virtual Prep

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When the QIAcube Connect picks up a new tip, it passes it through a tip sensor to ensure that the correct tip type is used.

Lysis buffer is then added to each sample, and the filter tip is discarded.

The samples are incubated in the heatable shaker until lysis is complete.

Virtual Prep

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Lysates are applied to the spin columns in the centrifuge.

The centrifuge lid closes. The centrifugation step enables nucleic acids to bind to the spin-column membrane.

Virtual Prep

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The robotic gripper transfers each spin column from the wash to the elute position.

Elution buffer is applied to each spin column.

The centrifugation step enables elution of nucleic acids from the spin columns into an elution tube.

Run completed appears on the touchscreen and tablet confirming run completion.

Nucleic acid is ready for downstream applications.

QIAcube Connect – for fully automated sample processing using QIAGEN spin-column kits

UV Light

The UV light ensures effective worktable decontamination after the run.

Learn more about the QIAcube Connect UV-light decontamination procedure in this Application Note.

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QIAcube Connect is designed to perform fully automated purification of nucleic acids and proteins in molecular biology applications. The system is intended for use by professional users trained in molecular biological techniques and the operation of QIAcube Connect.

What QIAcube* users say…

"We have two QIAcubes in our lab now and can't imagine life without them!"Lynne Shelley, Rochester, New York

"Not only do they decrease the hands-on time for sample prep, but they help eliminate the chance of human error."Lynne Shelley, Rochester, New York

"We'd never go back to manual extractions."Lynne Shelley, Rochester, New York

"Our QIAcube is such an essential part of our lab that he deserved a name, so his name is George."Joseph Washburn, University of Michigan

"He's a 'tech saver' and a time saver, allowing our technicians to prepare ahead of time, manage multiple tasks at once and use their overall time more wisely."Joseph Washburn, University of Michigan

* The widely used QIAcube – forerunner of the next-generation QIAcube Connect that is redefining the benefits of automating sample processing.