QIAstat-Dx research

For multiplex PCR syndromic applications.


The QIAstat-Dx Viral Vesicular Panel is for research use only. The QIAstat-Dx Viral Vesicular Panel is run on the QIAstat-Dx Analyzer.
QIAstat-Dx Analytical Module

Cat. No. / ID:  9002814

Module contains the hardware and software for sample testing and analysis
QIAstat-Dx Viral Vesicular Panel

Cat. No. / ID:  691731

Six individually packaged cartridges containing all reagents needed for sample preparation and multiplex real-time PCR plus internal control, including six transfer pipettes
QIAstat-Dx Analyzer 1.0

Cat. No. / ID:  9002824

Instrument consists of both the Operational Module and Analytical Module.
QIAstat-Dx Operational Module

Cat. No. / ID:  9002813

Module enables interaction with the QIAstat-Dx Analyzer 1.0.


  • Intuitive workflow with less than one minute hands-on time
  • Utilizes real-time PCR to deliver results
  • Ct values and amplification curves viewable for detected pathogens
  • No precision pipetting required and unique direct swab protocol for input into the cartridge
  • Comprehensive qualitative results in about an hour

Product Details

The QIAstat-Dx Analyzer, combined with QIAstat-Dx assay cartridges, uses real-time PCR to detect pathogen nucleic acids in human biological samples.  The QIAstat-Dx Analyzer and cartridges are designed as a closed system that enables hands-off sample preparation followed by detection and identification of pathogen nucleic acids. Samples are inserted into a QIAstat-Dx cartridge, which contains all the reagents to isolate and amplify nucleic acids from the sample. Detected real-time amplification signals are interpreted by the integrated software and are reported via an intuitive user interface.

Available panels utilize powerful QIAGEN sample and assay technologies, to deliver true Sample to Insight processing of even the most challenging samples.

QIAstat-Dx Viral Vesicular Panel: Enhance your research and surveillance of the mpox virus and other vesicular viruses with our QIAstat-Dx Viral Vesicular Panel. The QIAstat-Dx Viral Vesicular Panel can be used to detect viral nucleic acid from transport media by real-time RT-PCR. This multiplex PCR syndromic cartridge detects and differentiates 7 targets – Mpox virus (MPXV) clade 1, MPXV clade 2, herpes simplex virus (HSV) 1, HSV-2, human herpesvirus 6, enterovirus and varicella zoster virus.


Operating Software (1)
For use with the QIAstat-Dx Analyzer and the DiagCORE Analyzer
Instrument User Manuals (1)
For use with software version 1.2.x or higher
Safety Data Sheets (1)
Protocol Files (1)
For use with QIAstat-Dx Viral Vesicular Panel
Certificates of Analysis (1)