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The exceptional talent, skill and passion of our people are key to our long-term success and growth.

Focusing on human capital drives our economic performance and considerably influences the sustainability of our operations. We are convinced that the professional and personal development of our employees is an integral factor in creating value for our customers, patients, colleagues, partners and shareholders. Being the industry’s employer of choice by attracting and developing top talent is one of our global goals. To achieve this, QIAGEN creates a work environment that empowers and involves employees at all levels.

Stephany Foster
“The passion, skills, dedication and diversity of our employees from around the world is what continues to drive our company vision of making improvements in life a reality."
Stephany Foster, Senior Vice President and Head of Human Resources

We are committed to providing an environment where all individuals have the equal opportunity to grow and contribute to our progress; regardless of age, educational background, sex (including gender identity, expression and sexual orientation), nationality, veteran status, physical abilities, neurotype, race, ethnic background, or religion. Strategic consideration of diversity not only makes QIAGEN a better place to work. We also consider it to be a key success factor on the path to achieving our mission and goals.

Since the launch of our strategic initiative on gender diversity in 2018, the participation of women in leadership roles has increased from 28% in 2018 to 35% in 2022.

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People attending a training
Employee training

As a fast-growing technology and knowledge-based company, we consider high-quality training and career development to be an integral part of our success. The focus is on job-specific skills, compliance, competencies, and leadership development.

In 2020, we ran a mix of virtual instructor-led and e-learning courses that were attended by 2,470 employees. In addition, 74 employees identified as top talent, participated in our advanced leadership development programs.

In 2022, we were recognized as a top employer in Germany, Poland, China, Brazil, India, Mexico, the Philippines, Taiwan, and the U.S.
Employee satisfaction and retention

Employees join QIAGEN and stay with QIAGEN because they can see how their work makes a difference to people`s lives everywhere in the world. Our passionate employees are key to our success and we strive to maintain a dynamic and excellent work environment.

We provide services to help employees balance their personal lives with their work-life, including in-house childcare, sabbatical programs, and flexible working hours.

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