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A better understanding of molecular events underlying cancer progression drives advancements in oncology. Relevant biomarker detection is necessary to determine the optimal strategies in cancer prevention and care. However, identifying the right tools to make biomarker profiling effortless is challenging. Our comprehensive portfolio makes it easy for you to access valuable insights. From sample collection to data interpretation – we provide the most robust technologies and resources to help you detect, analyze and validate relevant biomarkers. We continuously strive to innovate and expand the range of solutions we offer, further paving the path to precision medicine. 
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Susan Branford ASCO 2018 cancer
Sue Branford, Head of the Leukaemia Lab in the Department of Genetics and Molecular Pathology, Centre for Cancer Biology at SA Pathology, Adelaide, South Australia
Sue Branford - A leading scientist
“Cancer touches many people at some stage during their lifetime and being involved in cancer research is a privilege and rewarding on many fronts. I have been fortunate that my research has translated into the clinic to directly benefit patients and influence management decisions.”

Professor Sue Branford is Head of the Leukaemia Lab in the Department of Genetics and Molecular Pathology at SA Pathology. She is a National Health and Medical Research Council Research Fellow and leads the International Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia Genomics Alliance. Learn about her journey and outstanding accolades, and her contributions to fighting blood cancer.

Dr. Friedel Nollet, Molecular Biologist, Department of Laboratory Medicine
"The testing workflow also needed to be compatible with GC-rich genomic regions, providing 100% coverage of genes rich in GC content such as CEBPA. Accurate detection of large insertions/deletions and the internal tandem duplications (ITD) of the FLT3 gene is also a major faction for us. QIAseq panels were the optimal solution for all of these testing needs."

Dr. Friedel Nollet, Molecular Biologist, AZ Sint-Jan Brugge, Belgium


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