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Cancer research solutions to drive your next breakthrough 

Want to unravel the complexities of cancer but not sure how? Want to accelerate the next cancer research breakthrough? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re struggling to figure out the right sample preparation technologies for challenging FFPE tissues and liquid biopsies, want to benefit from the precision of dPCR for mutation analysis or want to explore the discovery power of NGS in variant detection, we can support you every step of the way.

Combat your cancer research challenges by partnering with us and benefitting from our expertise and optimized cancer research solutions. The path from biopsies to biomarkers is not straightforward, but together, we can simplify your cancer research journey.

Advancing cancer research

Studying cancer cells is complex and collaboration is the key to advancing cancer research. While great progress has been made by scientists and physicians dedicated to cancer research, a lot of questions remain to be answered when it comes to new ways to prevent, detect and treat cancer.

The QIAGEN Cancer Research Community is for dedicated and passionate cancer researchers. We are working to conquer cancer with an emphasis on sharing knowledge, methods and data to enable breakthroughs in cancer research.

Stars of cancer research

Get up close and personal with star cancer researchers from around the world. Read about their experiences, thoughts and visions. 

QIAGEN Cancer Research Online Events are webinars and online discussions for cancer researchers. Join our talks about cancer genomics, liquid biopsy or RNA biomarker discovery. Get access to recordings and presentations from our past events.

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Consortia and initiatives – we're working together

QIAGEN participates in numerous renowned international consortia, grant projects and initiatives that strive to improve global healthcare.  They extend and access networks and infrastructures – and stimulate exchange between all relevant stakeholders – from science, medicine and government. Our active role in consortia  and initiatives keeps QIAGEN at the forefront of scientific findings and developments.